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Caring for your Fabric SuperWall

This product comes with a 5 year hardware warranty.
The framing is constructed from lightweight aluminium which is built to last in most environments. Like many other metals it will rust in salt environments however, so we suggest that you keep away from saltwater.
The fabric skin that goes over the framing is made from a mix of Polyester and Elastane. Any marks on the fabric should be removed with a damp cloth - simply dab the material rather than wipe it vigorously. If this fails to remove the mark, then add a little dishwashing liquid to the cloth.
Between use, the fabric skin can be placed in a washing machine on a cold wash, using a small measure of detergent. Once the wash cycle is complete simply place your fabric skin outside to dry. Do not tumble dry and do not dry-clean.
Once dry, store the fabric skin in the case provided, after rolling it up along it’s shortest edge - this will minimise creasing.
We suggest that prior to use you unroll your fabric at least 1 hour before use. 

Lost a Part?

If you have managed to loose a part of your SuperWall then send us an email and we can find a replacement.

If the part is one of a multiple then it's probably best to send us a photograph of the part and we can match it and send you a replacement. If you do not have a similar part then just describe it as best you can in the email and we can take a photo of the part we think you are talking about and send it over to you to confirm. If it's correct we'll order the part in for you if we do not hold one already in stock. 

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