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Artwork Specifications

Accepted digital formats

PC or Mac. Any program you use we can accept. Preferred formats: PDF, CMYK TIF / JPEG, EPS with fonts converted to curves, Adobe Illustrator.


Please turn any text to curves before sending it to use.

Artwork size

Please contact us prior to starting your artwork and we will advise you of the size / scale.


The ideal resolution depends upon the size of the finished print, and the distance it will be viewed from. In most cases we recommend all images should be a minimum of 150dpi (dots per inch) at 100% finished printed size.

Essentially the higher resolution the sharper the image will print.

If in doubt please call us at the earliest instance and we can help guide you through it.

Here is a basic guide.

ExampleViewed fromSizeMin resolutionGood resolutionRecommended resolution
Display wall a distance 4000 x 2800mm 50dpi 72dpi 120dpi +
Pull up banner fairly close 850 x 2100mm 72dpi 120dpi 150dpi +
A2 poster very close 420 x 594mm 150dpi 250dpi 300dpi +