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Marketing in Shopping Malls – our Top 10 tips to ensure success

Malls are a really attractive place to market your brand – full of people hanging out and leisurely shopping, looking for interesting things to stop and look at. They’re mostly inside venues, so perfect for the winter and you’re pretty much guaranteed some high foot traffic numbers!

Many of the shopping centres are able to provide profiles of their shoppers so you can get a greater understanding of their foot traffic  to better target your audience. And obviously if you’re going for a younger market then you can target them during the school holidays!

At Brandstand, we’ve been helping brands to get the most out of their mall displays and stands for over 16 years. So, we thought it was high time we shared with you our top 10 tips.

Tip #1

importance of goals in mall activations

Know your goal, and what you want to get out of this activation. Is it brand awareness? Sales? Product Trial?  Be brave too – just pick one and then we can be sure to deliver on it. The whole design of your mall stand should differ based on what you select because each option requires a different motivation, and a different focus.

Tip #2follow the rules in mall activations

Beware the rules – malls have a lot of rules and regulations many of which are OSH related and others which relate to being fair to all the retailers that lease space in the mall. Your brand and this activation will be the most important thing to us, but understand that it might not be to the mall and to the other retailers. Luckily, we’ve built up some really strong relationships with all the mall owners across NZ.

We know you want your stand to be the biggest, the tallest and the best, and it will be, trust us, but within the guidelines – those height restrictions are to keep things safe, and also because customers should be able to see other retailers’ shop signage as they look around the mall!

Tip #3

You need to engage with your audience and be a little different, a little creative; our customers tell us that’s why they come to us – for our creativity and can-do attitude! Your brand is suddenly competing for attention amongst hundreds of shops, their amazing shop windows and that next pair of shoes! The kids are bored, the husband hates shopping, so what’s going to make them stop at your stand? Is it because they can win something? Is it because your stand is intriguing? Is it offering them something different or new? Shoppers today don’t give their time easily and there must be something in it for them; to be honest it’s unlikely that a small taster of your product is enough. If you’re spending a decent amount of money on a sampling activation, be generous with your product!

Tip #4

Work with people who understand the regulations around OSH and are accredited to work in a mall. During your stand’s installation and re moral be sure that those doing the work understand the law, and trust that they will be courteous to shoppers. As soon as your brand can be seen, then those around it acting in an official capacity are naturally associated with your brand.

Tip #5

Design is really important when it comes to malls – work with people that understand 3d design because it’s very different to 2d design. Designers must consider the location of the stand, demonstrate an understanding of the mall itself, consider shopper flow patterns and then create good flow around your stand. Simply by changing the flow, different messages can be given greater importance and relevance.

Tip #6

The people you have working on your stand are really important. Think about your brand’s target market and then ensure that the people you have working the stand are credible and believable. Will a 40 year old housewife believe what a 20 year old guy has to say about the latest new washing powder? Sometimes, you may want to use your own in-house staff, but are you sure they’ll be motivated on a Saturday to turn up and then work hard all day long? For more on staffing, take a look here.

Tip #7

Stand materials have changed a hell of a lot over the last 5 years. Fabric displays are now the way to go. The printing process has improved so you now get amazing colour saturation and vibrancy. We all know there’s nothing worse than a grubby looking stand , but with these fabric displays simply chuck it all in the wash and it will look brand new the next time you go to use it.  If you’re planning more than one activation across NZ, then also consider the importance of portability and ease of set up in your stand production. For more info on fabrics, take a look here.

Tip #8

I’m sure we’ve all had nightmares with logistics companies, so why have the stress? Leave it to your display company to sort – they often have great relationships with a logistics partner who will rarely let them down. And when things go wrong, and sometimes they do, then they can pull strings to get a fix sorted! We love working with Bullet Freight, and have done for many years because they seem to understand our business.

Tip #9

Work with trusted partners; there’s enough stress in your life so outsource projects like these to manage end-to-end. Often it’s easier and simpler to have one company sort the complete solution, so pick a company with proven expertise, proven experience and ask to see their previous work and client list. Take a look at ours, right here in our online showroom.

At Brandstand, we always provide our clients with a single project manager that stays with you throughout the project, overseeing the brief, design, artwork, production, logistics, and financials. Of course there’s a multitude of people that help deliver your project, but they’re in the background – its just less confusing that way!

Tip #10


Capture the moment – have a good photographer come down to your activation and save those smiles onto camera. Video footage and stills make great content for your social media, for your PR department, for your sales teams and of course for your boss! At Brandstand we can provide this too – it’s all part of the service, and one less thing for you to think about!

All About Flags

Brandstand's range of promotional flags in New Zealand

With the Royals in town, we thought it would be a nice idea  to focus on flags; after all there will be much waving of flags over the next few weeks!

The history of flags can be traced back over 3,000 years, when they were used in battle as standards or signal devices to coordinate troops in the field. As we all know flags are also a hot topic right now here in New Zealand!

flags, promotional flags, brand battleBut when you go into battle for your brand, what do you consider? You still need a device that is instantly recognisable, has the ability to direct your customers and that will last against the rigours of our weather.

You should consider how much your promotional flag is going to be used. Will it be brought out for a limited time to support a promotion or event? Or will it be fluttering outside your store 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year? Consider carefully not only the materials being used but also the finishing such as any ropes and stitching. All stitching threads are NOT made equal, and when the wind strengthens it’s often this thread that is the first to go. We all know that in NZ we have very high UV levels so its important that the flag you choose is built for our environment, with UV stabilised fabric, inks and thread. That’s why we have a wide range of flags including those made in New Zealand, for New Zealanders.

Your flag needs to be highly visible, which means it needs to stand up tall and feature highly impactful print. At Brandstand we use dye sublimation printing to ensure the graphics really ‘pop’  – the beauty of this is that the technique is really eco-friendly (so we can all play at being eco-warriors too!) more vibrant and takes longer to fade. Consider how you fix your flag and keep it standing up. At Brandstand, we have a choice of seven different bases – yes that right seven! Various spikes, posts, water bases, wall fixings and even tow bar mounts! Take a look at all the options for yourself, here

How will your flag be viewed? Do you need it to be printed on both sides? There really is no need to print on both sides if one side will never be seen, so really think about its location and save yourself some dollars!

Range of promotional flags, display flags, blade flags, teardrop flags

Brandstand supplies various flag options.

We’ve all seen traditional flags get themselves in a muddle. Suddenly you can’t see what’s on them. That’s why promotional style flags come in various shapes. Some are designed to maximise the space you have to print your graphics on, whilst others are designed to look a little different, using  a teardrop or blade shape to reduce ‘flutter’ noise.

If your flag is only going to be used on a few occasions a year, then you’ll be grateful that Brandstand’s flags ALL come with a strong carry bag and pockets for protecting your printed fabrics. There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing the flag, thinking you’ve got all the bits and then discover at your event that half of them are missing. Keep everything all in one place, neat and tidy, in a bag.

Imagine the scenario…you arrive at your event and the guy next door to you has a really big stand. Your stand is completely blocked by his. You pull out your flag knowing it’s going to be about as much use as slippers on a snake! Ah, but you’d forgotten that the flag you bought from Brandstand has a pole with various height settings. You simply erect your flag to the highest setting and stand out from the crowd! Perfect. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Caring for your flag

It’s important that you look after your flag – you don’t want it looking battle-worn. Make sure your flag isn’t banging against an object when operational – this is sure to wear it out fast. Have a look around to make sure there’s nothing for the flag to snag on.

Flags can be washed in a normal household washing machine set on a cold wash with normal mild detergents. Do not soak, dry clean or tumble dry and avoid the use of soda or bleaching alkali. Hang the flag or graphic to dry immediately after the wash – do not leave it rolled up. If necessary you can use a cool or warm iron to remove any creases. Even if the flag starts fraying it can sometimes be trimmed back and re-hemmed, but it’s good to catch these issues early and nip them in the bud.

No Drama

As you’d expect from NZ’s biggest display company, all our flags come with a no quibble 1 year hardware warranty. Also, as you’d expect from a company that prides itself on amazing customer service, we offer an express delivery service, from artwork to print to delivery in only a few days. Job done. No drama.

To see more of our outdoor products, click here

10 Tips for Eco Friendly Exhibiting

eco exhibiting with BrandstandHopefully everyone understands the importance of taking care of the planet we live on, in order to guarantee a wonderful future for our kids, and their families. When you’re buying household goods, most brands will jump in and tell you they’re eco-friendly at the very first opportunity! Now that makes life much easier – you can make your buying decisions quickly.

But how about when you’re buying goods for your company/business? Do you care as much then about being eco-friendly? Do you feel the pressure to buy cheaply or do you know that saving the planet is the last thing your boss cares about?

Its really hard to do the right thing sometimes, but we’ve put together a few tips on how to make sure your exhibitions, events, conferences and trade shows are as kind on the planet as they can be.

Tip #1 | Materials

Take a look at the materials being used in your stand construction. Often fabric displays like these are much kinder to the environment as they require fewer processes in their production and the material itself is often more natural. We also use recyclable aluminium in our framing and extrusions. At Brandstand, we’re upfront about our eco commitment and you’ll find details here

Tip #2 | Graphics Printing

dye sublimation fabric prating process

This is how it works

Make sure the graphics printing is ‘dye sublimated’. Not only does this process create more realistic, more impactful graphics, but the process is also more eco-friendly because it uses heat to vaporise the dye and permeate the surface it is covering. There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are often associated with solvent printing and the inks are water-based. This infusion also means the dye fades much less than in other processes. So basically, it’s a win win situation!

For more detailed information on this, take a look here.

Tip #3 | Stand Waste

Think about the waste you create on the stand and how it is disposed of. Are you serving drinks and nibbles? Consider eco friendly cups, disposable bamboo plates and cutlery too. Take a look here for more details.

Tip #4 | Staff Uniforms

It easy to forget about the uniforms that your stand staff might be wearing. Try to source eco-friendly gear that uses natural fibres. And if it’s being printed, consider the process used. It may be better to embroider, which is kinder on the environment, lasts longer and often looks a little more ‘premium’.

Tip #5 | Re-use

When creating a stand solution, think about the future and how elements might be used in different ways at other events, conferences, trade shows etc. This means you get the very most out of your investment. Many of the exhibition systems these days can be fitted together in different ways to give you heaps of display options. At Brandstand, we always ask lots of questions about what you need now AND what you need in the future so that we can provide a solution that works for a number of different occasions (and perhaps not just the one you’re thinking about right now – it’s called ‘customer service’ ).

Tip #6 | Reduce

Find clever ways to get your message across, that don’t use paper. Giving someone a leaflet has a pretty low engagement factor so why not get them to a touch screen so that they interact with your brand. How about a QR code on a business card, so they can research your product later? If you must use leaflets, then print on eco-friendly stock wherever possible.

Tip #7 | Freight

reduce freight costs

Light stands are easier to move around!

Big heavy stands take a lot of fuel to move around! The new fabric exhibition systems are really light and can be packed down into small bags. This means that your staff can transport the gear in their cars rather than adding a freight truck into the mix. Less fuel, less cars on the road, less chance of your gear NOT turning up!



Tip #8 | Lighting

We all know what a difference good lighting can make, but consider LED and low energy lighting solutions which not only deliver great effects but also suck less juice. This means your stand requires less load, and the event electrician will have a smile on his/her face!

Tip #9 | Suppliers

Ask the event organisers about their eco policies as well as the companies that are supplying your stands. How do they work in their own production facilities? How do they dispose of waste in their warehouses and production facilities?

car pooling at exhibitions to reduce carbon footprint

Fill a car!

Tip #10 | Car Pooling

No doubt you have various people working on your stand. Encourage car pooling by limiting the number of parking passes you give out. Less cars on the road, less fuel – it’s all good.


MEET THE TEAM: Caroline Lowry

Caroline Lowry_Brandstand NZOver time we’d like to introduce a few members of our team here at Brandstand. In all, we have 13 staff working hard to make the magic happen! This month, Caroline stepped up to talk about herself.

“I have been with Brandstand for three and a half years now – and boy, has the time flown by! I met Stuart and Louise through my son’s rugby team and next thing I know,  I’m working at Brandstand!

I have 2 boys, aged 12 and 10, who keep me busy outside of work! They’re a sporty pair and love their cricket, football and rugby. Weekends are spent taking them to their various sports, and cheering them on!

My work at Brandstand keeps me very busy, but that’s how I like it! I love talking to clients about our products and coming up with display solutions for them, that answer their brief! Its not always easy, and sometimes the briefs can be a bit sketchy (!) but that’s half the fun; simply making it work, managing the project and creating something the client is pleased with. 

During the holidays we love to explore different parts of NZ, and in the summer we go camping – my favourite spots would have to be Ruakaka, Ohope, Hahei, and Whatuwhiwhi. We’re also going abroad more too now the kids are older, so next year we ‘re looking forward to a trip to the States.”

Caroline jokes about her project management skills, but she’s really one of the best at sorting those tricky tight-turnaround projects and ensuring we deliver the right solution, on time and on budget! She’s an awesome person to have about the place and we appreciate all she does for us. THANKS Caroline!