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What are pop up & pull up banners?

Brandstand NZ - BannerstandsPop up banners, sometimes referred to as pull up banners or banner stands, are simple cost effective display solutions.

A long graphic sheet rolls up and down into a base unit. The unit can be easily transported and then the graphic rolled out from the base, when required, and held aloft.

Pull up banners are perfect for creating impact at any event because they’re inexpensive to buy and once up, provide high branding in a small amount of space. They work incredibly well, too, when more than one are placed together with complementary messaging. Because of the size, they can be used to fit any sized room and their portability means they can be placed anywhere.

Brandstand NZ - Heineken premier BannerstandsThese banners can be used outside or inside and are best placed in areas of high traffic flow to draw attention to your business, brand or service.

There are a number of types of pull up banners, with base units and graphic sheets made from differing materials. Prices vary dramatically but it’s often a case of “you get what you pay for”. At Brandstand, we stock a wide range of these pull up banners, which you can see here. We only stock pull up banners where the graphics panels can be easily interchanged and replaced. Our pop banners differ from many in that the build quality is far superior. They are commercial grade and designed to last. This explains why we sell our pull up banners with a 5 year warranty.

Anytime you wish to replace or update the graphics on a pull up banner bought from Brandstand, then we’re there to print your artwork quickly and easily, because we have your original sale on our database – we know the size you require and can provide the level of service you should expect from one of New Zealand’s biggest Display companies.

So let’s explore the different kinds of pull up banners available from Brandstand.

The Premier
Brandstand NZ - Premier Banner StandOur most popular banner stand is the Premier, because it’s commercial grade and comes with various options. Let’s see what makes it our biggest seller:

5 year warranty
Durable padded bag
3 width options – 500mm, 850mm and 1200mm
Any height option
Eco Skin option for actual banner, eliminating any curl and reflection
Easily replaceable banner
Lighting kit available

The Promo
Brandstand NZ - Promo BannerstandThis is our most cost effective yet reliable pull up banner stand. It’s super lightweight and is meant for infrequent use. It’s ideal for anyone that wants a simple, cheaper banner solution that will be used a handful of times a year.

There are various height and width options available. And right now this product is on special at $289.

The Express
Brandstand NZ - Express BannerWhen simplicity is key, then The Express is your solution. There’s very little hardware so the focus is all on your messaging, plus these can easily be placed side-by-side to create a cost effective display wall.

The Express is the lightest unit in the market, making it easy and cheap to freight around. Let’s take a closer look:

Lightest unit on the market
Comes with padded carry bag
5 year hardware warranty

Options Available:

Multiple heights and widthsBrandstand NZ - Express together
Eco-friendly skin to reduce curl and reflection
Velcro receptive options for easier change outs
Hire options
Lighting kits


The Icon

Brandstand NZ - Icon BannerAll we can say about this one is WOW! If you want to stand out from the crowd then The Icon pop up banner stand is the best option available in the market. It’s a fabric banner stand available in 3 shapes and 2 heights. The fabric stretches over a light aluminium frame which comes with a 5 year warranty.

Unlike any of our other banner stands, The Icon can be printed both sides and therefore doesn’t need to be placed against a wall. It’s a super lightweight product supplied with a durable bag. The fabric skin can be machine washed to look perfect every time it’s used.

Options Available:
3 shapes
2 heights
Shelving options
Catalogue display options
Lighting kits


There are many, many banner stands on the market and many ‘deals’ to be had. We see many offers online and in our email inboxes. But we also hear about them from customers that thought they were getting a bargain. There are 2 potential issues with buying cheap:

  • The hardware fails through poor manufacture/engineering
  • The graphic skins reflect light badly or curl so the image on them fails to create any impact and becomes un-readable.

When you buy cheap from a ‘deal’ site, remember that it’s often hard to follow up and complain when the product breaks or disappoints. Often they’re simply interested in the sale, not the service. And this is where Brandstand is different.

Many of our banner stands come with a 5 year warranty and have stood the test of time with hundreds of happy customers. Our banner stands are offered with many, many options so that you get the perfect solution for your needs. With so many choices available on our shelves, we’re able to guide our customers to purchase the right solution, not simply the cheapest.

Give us a call now on 0800 10 99 88 or drop us a line for a free quote.




How to prepare for a trade show


Brandstand Blog - Trade shows

Exhibiting at a trade show often represents a significant investment for companies, but one which usually delivers incredible ROI, when done properly. Here’s our guide to preparing for a trade show, and exhibiting properly.

Think First

It’s a big investment so make sure you’ve thought about it. Understand why you’re attending this specific show and what you intend to get out of it. Make sure the attendance data backs up your targeting criteria. Look at attendance rates and be reasonable in any sales estimates you make.

If you still want to go ahead, then sign up early and make the most of early bird discounts!


It’s easy to think you need a huge floor area, and even easier to be sold into a larger area by the trade show organisers. In our opinion, its better to go smaller but invest in looking good and in the follow up, post show.

With the new fabric display stands, like our SuperWall system, it’s so much easier to transport and set up a stand – a smaller stand space means you can set up your area in minutes and transport all your gear in the back of the car.

By investing in the look and feel of your stand, you’ll be sending out all the right messages about your company/brand AND you’ll be more likely to attract people to stop and talk.

Talk to us about designing a stand that makes the very most of the floor area you have hired, delivers a consistent brand message and ensures that your objectives are met.


Brandstand - target marketUnderstand who you are targeting before you arrive at the trade show. Be clear about this and consider ways to quickly move away from time-wasters. You’ve spent quite a bit of time, energy and dollars to be at this show, so make sure you maximise the opportunity. Be sure to brief all the staff working on the stand about who you’re targeting and the importance of staying focused on this.

Consistent messaging/identity

Agree your key messaging and then ensure that it is given consistency throughout your stand design. We work with a lot of clients and designers to ensure this, because we understand how it pays dividends in foot traffic to your stand.

Staffing your stand

Just because someone works for you, doesn’t mean they want to be standing on a trade show stand all weekend. Be sure those you ask to help out on the stand are committed and motivated. If in doubt, pay an agency to provide staff and brief them well. Brandstand works with a number of agencies who all offer high quality staff, and we’re happy to make recommendations or organise on your behalf.

Brandstand - Success imageMeasurement

Plan how you’re going to measure success. Find ways to measure the number of visitors to your stand and perhaps grade the warmth of the leads gained, including any sales data. The latter always helps to justify the investment and provides a target/baseline for following years.


Marketing – CRM/Social/pr

These days, this is absolutely crucial to your success. Be sure to tell your existing and potential customer’s that your attending and then give them an invitation to visit. Perhaps include an Brandstand - Social network imageincentive too, even if it’s just the promise of a coffee.

Be sure to highlight your attendance on all your social media channels and work with the trade show organisers to utilise their channels too. Next, be sure to write some PR releases and send these to any complementary trade media, again inviting/incentivising people to come to your stand.


Post Show Plan

The post show plan is where the money is made. Collect all your data and then follow up. Devise a CRM programme for all those that came to your stand – convert cold leads to warm leads and hot leads to sales. Be sure to continue measuring your success in driving sales even after the show, if you feel the success was attributable to attendance.

Too Hard

Brandstand - No timeOf course, for many of our customers they would rather someone else organise their stand, either due to time constraints or because they realise that it’s a specialist area.  In those cases the job goes out to one of their agencies or directly to us. At Brandstand, we can manage all your requirements, right through from initial design to installation, transportation and also storage. We’ll even organise the staffing if you need us to!

And if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke and custom made for your next trade show, then look no further than Brandstand Bespoke.