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Poster and Banner Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Direct Wall Mount

It’s always difficult to know how to display information whether it’s around the office, a reception area or in a shop window. Making the information stand out, look neat and tidy, and draw attention are common issues.

At Brandstand we have an information display system that is versatile, easy to use and guaranteed to get your message noticed. Whether it’s a simple poster you want to be displayed or you are creating an information hub with leaflets, our ‘pick and mix’ solution makes it easy for you to make the right selection and meet your requirements.

So how do you make your decision on what display system to choose?

It really depends on 2 things:

  1. What you are wanting to display
  1. Where you need to display it

Let’s look at the ‘what’ first.

Mounted Wall displaysIdentifying exactly what you want to display and its purpose is probably the hardest decision of all but once this has been made the rest of the decision making process should be more straight forward. For instance do you need to display a single poster or several smaller images? Are there leaflets that go with it? What size is the poster or leaflet?

The second most important decision is to know where you want the display as this will determine what type of display you go for. For example is it going on a wall, in a window or in the middle of your reception area?


Once you have identified these we can start to narrow down some of your options.

There are 4 types of mounts:

Direct Wall Mounted Display Systems

The direct wall mounted system is mainly used to display posters or information. It consists of an acrylic wall mounted pocket that your image slips into. The satin chrome wall supports are stylish and designed to hold the pocket 25mm away from the wall creating a shadow detail. The images are easily changed out with no tools required! The standard pockets come in A4, A3, A2 and A1 sizes but can be custom made to take any size. The pockets fix directly onto the wall making it stable and permanent.

These are ideal for posters or to simply to show off some creative work you have just finished for a client. If you need to create an information post where people take a leaflet then simply attach the brochure holder you require to the pocket.

Brandstand NZ - Wall mounted Display System

Wall Mounted Poster Display









Cable and Rod Wall Mounted Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Display systemThe cable and rod system is a more versatile display system that can be easily changed even though it is fixed to the wall. The cables allow you to change out the pockets giving you the option to have one, multiple or a combination of pockets, you can even add a brochure holder into the mix. The pockets make changing images simple and due to the flexibility of the system they can be any size portrait or landscape.

This system is great when you have a wall and a lot of information to display. It can be mixed ‘n’ matched with various sales tools such as lightboxes, leaflet/brochure holders or additional signage.

Brandstand NZ - Display system


Cable and Rod Floor to Ceiling Display Systems

This uses the same principal as the wall mounted system but it is mounted to the floor and the ceiling so it can be positioned anywhere. You can use it to create a wall of information in an office or used in a shop window such as an estate agents. The beauty of this is that you can add whatever pockets you want and they will be seen on both sides displaying double the information. As with the other two mounts the system gives you flexibility to change the look of your stand when you need to.


Free Standing Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Display Systems

If you do not want a permanent fixing then a free standing unit is a consideration. The flexiframe unit is modern and easy to assemble. It is a cable and rod system giving you the flexibility to change your display options from posters to sloping shelves to leaflet dispensers. The range comes in different sizes so you can select the one that is right for your space.



Brandstand NZ - Lighting with display systems


So now you know about the different kinds of display system, you have one more consideration to make. Lighting. Do you need extra lighting? Lighting increases the impact of your display and research suggests that it can increase your sales up to 107% (Source: The low voltage lighting is easily connected to the cable and rod system so no need for special cables, you can just use an electrical spur positioned within 2m of the transformer. It’s easy and quick to install and the cantilevered lights enable you to position the light exactly where you need it.



We all know that it can be very confusing when looking at all these options and you don’t want to make the wrong decision so why not give us a call. Our staff have years of experience to guide you through the best solution for your needs, and provide you with a no-obligation quote. What have you got to lose? Call us now and tidy up your display area!

Exhibiting on a Small Budget

It’s easy to become simply wall paper at trade shows as each exhibitor tries to out-do one another with bigger budgets, bigger stands, and bigger gimmicks. What can the smaller, more budget conscious exhibitor do to ensure their stand still cuts through all the clutter of the exhibition hall and creates an impact?

Exhibition Walls

This is a really economical way to create a stand, using our off the shelf fabric stand solution. There are a couple of walls to choose from; the SuperWall and the Tower Fabric Wall. Both are simple to erect and deliver some of the most vibrant, spectacular graphics we’ve ever seen. There are loads of options and accessories so you can start small and then add to your stand as your business grows and your needs change. There’s no doubt that impactful graphics stop people in their tracks, so it pays to invest here to get a good solution. The beauty of fabric is that it lasts years and can be washed, so it looks like new every time it’s used!

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Exhibition stand

Our graphics-2-go panels are a great solution that can be applied to your existing carpeted exhibition booth walls. They are easy to assemble with no tools required and with a full colour graphic display they look great.

Portable Exhibition Kits

Brandstand 0 Ultimate Expo KitOur portable exhibition kits are lightweight, portable and infinitely flexible. You can build your stand by using a combination of our portable display banners, walls, towers, pedestals and tables. All these components can be re-graphiced giving you a different look at each event without busting your budget. You can even build the stand yourself, saving time and reducing on-site contractor costs.

Sky Banners

Brandstand Sky bannerThese give your stand extra height because they’re suspended from the ceiling above your stand. This ensures your stand is visible from a long way off in a crowded exhibition hall. They’re available in various shapes, including square, round, and triangle. Consider a single message or how about different messages on each side?

Hire vs Buy

Always a tricky subject this one. If you’re only going to exhibit once, or you’re just dipping your toe into the water, then it’s a good idea to hire initially. Although most of our solutions are for purchase, we do have various exhibition solutions available for hire – just ask us for details.

If you attend more than 2 trade shows or events a year, then it pays to purchase your gear, treating it as a CAPEX expense and depreciating the cost over 3 years or so. We’ll happily run through the numbers with you and compare the costs of rental vs purchase, so you make the most cost effective purchase, not just for now but for the next few years.

Flags & Pull Ups

Brandstand NZ - BannerstandsNo we’re not talking about nappies here, but rather ways to gain attention for your business well before visitors enter the exhibition hall – cleverly positioned flags and/or pull up banners can get visitors considering your business and even actually making a bee-line for it as they enter the hall. For a couple of hundred dollars these can be a really cost effective way to stand out. We also tend to find that once purchased these items get used for many other roles within the business, and our customers wondered what they did without them, previously!


Creating a buzz around your stand is easy if you include some form of competition or interactive element. Consider a game on your stand with prizes, or how about a simple business card draw using a competition/ballot box. We have a huge range of these available, from budget solutions right through to powered, bespoke entry boxes. As well as acting as a conversation starter, it all provides a simple way to quickly get the details of visitors to your stand and enables you to correspond with them in the future. By counting the cards, you will also be able to decide how cost effective the show was for you in terms of visitor numbers.Brandstand - Create a buzz

At Brandstand we have the knowledge and expertise to make the perfect stand for your budget, so give us a call on 0800 10 99 88.