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Lipton totally embraces experiential.

Experiential marketing has made it’s mark on the industry for a number of years now, and has become an important part of the ‘mix’; we’re even seeing marketing departments employ experiential managers.  As customers demand more interaction (read: entertainment), the need for a memorable experience becomes essential.

The global brand, Lipton,  has totally embraced experiential with numerous campaigns over the years. The 125-year-old brand has never been one to stand still. It ensures that they make an impact wherever they go, and the 3 month sparkling tea line sampling tour last year was no exception.

The tour visited offices in major cities within the US. The Lipton team set up “The Lipton Sparkling Flavour Lounge” which was an interactive sampling experience offering everything from invigorating back massages and an adult-sized ball pit to an uplifting jam out with the “silent disco”. The idea was to encourage employees to break up their daily routines with a light, uplifting afternoon break and get them out of the 2pm work slump.

Lipton Experiential Campaigns - Brand Productions

The brand is very consistent in its theming, giving each campaign a fun impactful experience that will be talked about amongst piers for weeks to come.

Lipton’s Daybreakers campaign saw the brand pushing for young people to drink iced tea throughout the year and not just on holiday. The campaign set up  ‘Rise and Slide’ events around London consisting of a 100m slip and slide. Fans were encouraged to bring togs and inflatables to the experience The video says it all.

The importance of brand, image and experience are placed front and centre within all Lipton’s campaigns. Their experiential events not only give them immediate on-site exposure but clever use of social media that amplifies their efforts across a wider audience for a longer period of time.

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Sampling, the multi sensory way

For a long time now, sampling has been an important ingredient in many brands’ launch recipe. It’s still a vital part, but we’re seeing some changes coming in as the strategy evolves.

To be effective in the marketplace and to be successful, especially with discerning consumers, it’s essential that an engaging environment is provided for them to learn about the product before they taste it. Something that we are seeing more and more is the immersive in-store virtual reality experience. This not only elevates a customer’s experience, but it enables you to have a face-to-face interaction with them too.

Boursin Virtual Reality

Take for example the Boursin ‘Sensorium’. This campaign was launched at Westfield Shopping Centres throughout London, and then through a series of county shows and foodie festivals. This ‘Sensorium’ combined live multi-sensory experiences with virtual reality (VR) and a bespoke 360° CGI film. This sounds impressive, but what does it all mean? Consumers put onVR headsets and found themselves flying through the inside of a fridge. This experience was combined with a sound track, moving chairs, cool air, scented fans and product samples. It’s pretty impressive, so take a moment and experience it for yourself:

Boursin ensured that they captured reactions to the experience and used this on social media and targeted digital activity. To extend the experience, a special photo-booth also captured fun shots of people inside the fridge surrounded by Boursin ingredients.

The overall results were extremely positive. When consumers were asked about the event two months afterwards, 98% of consumers were able to recall the experience. But more importantly 36% of people claimed to be buying the brand on a regular and/or monthly basis (this figure was almost double than that prior to the event). Suddenly we’re able to see data that shows a correlation between engagement/experience and sales uplift. But not just immediate sales uplift but valuable uplift represented in brand loyalty and repeated purchase.

Boursin -- expereriential - brand productionsWith regards to brand visibility and sampling, over 5000 consumers experienced the VR over the 18 days of activity and 86,298 samples were enjoyed by consumers! This is quite a figure and I guess the question to ask yourself is would that many samples have been tried if the campaign had just been a standard sampling campaign.

We will never know for sure,  but what we can confirm is that the strategies behind sampling campaigns are getting more and more creative and the way brands are using face-to-face interactions, reward systems and outdoor marketing is definitely an area to watch.

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