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Did You Know Series?


Our Superwall Fabric Exhibition System is ideal for use at exhibitions, trade shows and conferences where you need a high impact yet lightweight display. Here’s 13 facts about our Superwall system that might surprise you:

Superwall - Brandstand

  1. Lightweight, easy to assemble and durable (only 12kg packed weight for a 3 metre wall) supplied in a canvas carry bag for easy transport! Can easily be checked in on a plane!
  2. There’s no seam-line on a Superwall fabric skin, so there’s nothing to interfere with your graphics. Plus the fabric is made from non-glare material. The result? Higher impact graphics.
  3. Superwall fabric can be washed in cold water in a domestic washing machine, over and over again, so it looks like new every time you use it.
  4. On average, it takes 8 minutes to erect a Superwall.
  5. There are NO tools required to set up or dismantle a Superwall because the Aluminium extruded frame is held together using bungy cord.
  6. Every single Superwall comes with a 5 year hardware warranty. You’ll want to change your message before you need to change your panel!
  7. Once packed down into its case, the Superwall measures only 420mm x 320mm x 820mm. That’s small enough to fit into the back of your car!
  8. You can extend the life and usefulness of your Superwall by printing different messages on each side of the fabric skin.
  9. We sell a standard range of 6 sizes.
  10. We can also supply custom shapes to meet any design requirements.
  11. Our Superwall solution is a full modular system providing maximum flexibility. Walls can be interchanged/clipped together to form a larger display when required, or used individually in showrooms and for product demonstrations – a truly future-proof solution.
  12. Superwalls can be joined together in a straight line, at right angles, in an L shape or simply angled to suit the space they are being used in and to get the look you are after.
  13. To gain extra height, the Superwall can be fitted with Header panels to maximise your impact.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Exhibition stand

Experiential on the rise


More and more brands are realising the importance of sponsorships and brand engagement in leveraging and emotional connection with their brand. A recent article in Event magazine in the UK highlighted that a rising number of brands are looking to increase their use of experiential and events channels this year – a 54% lift on 2014.

Here in New Zealand we’re seeing an increasing number of events, festivals, shows and outdoor activities, not only music festivals but also food and wine festivals too. The weather forecasters are telling us its going to be a long hot summer, so these events are likely to be well attended.

It’s important that brands ensure that they connect well with such events and sponsorships, ensuring participants connect their ‘good times’ with the brand, and this comes down to impactful branded display.

Brandstand has a huge range of branded display options, perfect for use both outdoors and in, and robust enough to take all that our weather can throw at it. Our team have built entire event solutions, sampling booths and experiential campaigns for brands like Russian Vodka, sampling in the mountains of South Island, and Giant, displaying their range of bikes at mountain bike parks around the country.

So why not give us a call to discuss what you need this Summer on 0800 10 99 88.
Brandstand_Giant Experiential

NZ’s Booming Convention Business

Convention Centres in NZ

Source: Google auckland skyline

As one of NZ’s foremost conference display and exhibition stand providers, the team at Brandstand were delighted to read a couple of articles in the Herald recently about our booming convention business. Have a read through the full article here. For a long time, we’ve thought that the convention industry represented a huge untapped opportunity for New Zealand. Finally it looks like the industry is getting the local and national government support it needs to succeed.


Here’s a summary of the highlights, and proof that NZ is progressing well in being recognised as a major conference player in the APAC region. Despite our geographical location, we believe this country has so much to offer the overseas business traveller, so here’s to a bright future! I

Financial Incentive

Conventions from abroad - No GSTAs of April, overseas businesses can now claim back their GST when they come here for conferences. There’s nothing like a good financial incentive to raise awareness and persuade businesses to come here. Businesses simply have to register for the non-resident business scheme and then make a claim for all their conference related expenses. This means we can create and produce display and conference materials for visiting overseas clients right here in NZ, and make it even more cost effective for them to buy locally.

Newer, Bigger Venues

Skycity Convention CentreWe’re seeing significant investment in conference venues throughout the country. In Auckland, the SkyCity Convention Centre is due for completion in 2017. Sky City continues to see good returns each year and has just announced plans for a new 300 room five star hotel. The new Convention Centre will accommodate conferences with up to 3500 delegates and place Auckland on the global map for conventions.

In Wellington a new Conference Centre attached to the Hilton is also due in 2017, and the same goes for a new convention centre in Christchurch. After a great deal of discussion it also seems that a centre in Queenstown will now go ahead. This creates wonderful opportunities to keep large local businesses here for their conferences as well as attract overseas businesses.

Getting Noticed

Convention Centres - Auckland

Image source: google convention centre

The article noted that ATEED’s convention bureau had bid for 36 international events and won 12 of them over the last 12 months. It’s great to see these conferences coming here, and we ask the whole industry to get behind the likes of ATEED and other organisers in bringing these events to our shores. It was interesting to read that of the 11,700 regularly occurring ICCA events, NZ gets 48 compared to Australia with 231, the USA with 722 and Germany 829. With so much investment on the horizon, let’s hope we can start to eat into those 231 held in Australia – I know where I’d rather go!

Brandstand is already building exhibition and conference stands for local companies representing themselves offshore. We recently created a stand for Air New Zealand which they took to a conference in the USA. With our new Superwall fabric display system we can create anything you can imagine, but unlike the displays of a few years back, these all fold down to next to nothing and can easily be carried onto a plane.

We also created a stand for Coherent Solutions which they took to the USA. The client was delighted with the stand we produced and the impact it had on the conference they attended. It would have been easy to ask a US company to produce the stand, but Coherent Solutions knew that we had the creativity and skills to create something locally using modern lightweight, easily transportable materials.

We believe that NZ’s display companies are some of the best in the world. We create and produce incredible exhibition stands, and we certainly support any opportunities to demonstrate our skills to overseas companies coming to our shores.

Auckland’s plan is to increase the value of business events by 6% per year; bold ambitions for sure but backed up by real achievable tactics that we look forward to seeing implemented.They also intend to grow volume with more delegate days and smooth out the current seasonality, all of which will bring additional spending to the city, benefiting a wide array of businesses – ourselves included!

We’d like take this opportunity to say thank you to ATEED and the government for all they’re doing to support the NZ conference industry. The Auckland Convention Bureau should pave the way to providing excellent advice and service to businesses heading this way. For further information on Auckland’s plans to target business events and conferences, go to