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Fonterra launched their free milk for schools programme last year, ensuring that all our children had the opportunity to get their vitamins and minerals from a daily carton of milk. The programme now covers 1,450 schools and 170,000 kids!  Fonterra’s activation agency, FUSE, assisted in pulling together a campaign, that included several regional launches heralding the programme being rolled out across New Zealand. Fuse and Fonterra engaged the team at Brandstand to design and build a custom made launch solution.

Each launch took place in a school hall, so the venue size changed all the time. Fonterra needed a solution that turned any sized hall into a Fonterra branded space with elements that would appeal to a diverse audience, including school kids, shareholders, politicians, community stakeholders and of course the nation’s media. As the launch programme was nationwide, the kit needed to be easily transportable and ultimately flexible, something Brandstand knows a lot about!

Brandstand Free Milk For Schools Launch Campaign

Flexible fabric display walls allowed us to manage flow and tailor messaging for each venue

Brandstand spent many hours working with the client and agency team to refine and agree the content and design of the kit. It had to be just right, given the diverse audience. To ensure transportability we used a complete fabric wall solution as this was lightweight and easy to set up. Using fabric walls also meant we could take ownership of the venue and brand an entire room, whatever size, by simply dropping panels where they wouldn’t fit. We could keep the walls looking brand new by washing them after each launch, another great advantage of fabric.

We included low level branded tables and used additional non-fabric graphic walls with cutouts so that kids could engage with our stand. We placed milk related general knowledge snippets on various key elements of the solution as it was important that we educated kids (and adults) about the goodness of milk! We knew that each launch would attract the nation’s media, so we included quiet Brandstand's fabric event kit for Fonterra's Free Milk for Schools launch programmespaces for interviews, along with a branded stage area to facilitate speeches and easy media coverage.

The kit was used for 6 events around the country, and was all packed into a small minibus. An installation team of 3 were able to set up and dismantle the kit in 3 hours, an important criteria because we had limited time in each school hall.


“This was a difficult brief for a high profile client and an even higher profile campaign. The solution needed to look good, be flexible, be quick to set up and be strong enough to survive around 1200 kids running around! I knew that Brandstand would meet the challenge head on and deliver a perfect solution. As usual, they didn’t disappoint.”

Jason Willis, General Manager, FUSE New Zealand

Brandstand's Free Milk for Schools kit - Photo wall to inspire kids

A fun wall to capture those photo opportunities!