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Life’s a Game – Let’s Play!

Game play, often referred to by marketers as gamification,  has become part of our everyday lives. Brands  are embracing the use of online games to drive further brand engagement. Traditional Media spaces like bus stops and billboards are going digital and inviting you to play and interact with them.

Here’s a neat way to turn the mundane into a game!

The more brands can get consumers and shoppers to engage with them, the more likely they are to link that brand with positive memories, talk about the brand to others and finally perhaps purchase that brand.

The same is true in the conference, exhibition and event space. Everyone wants you to engage with them – its not longer enough to simply wander through an exhibition hall and read various static panels. Your stand needs to draw in the passer-by, and we don’t just mean a gentle pull! Once there, that person needs to have something to do.

So what are your options?

Simple yet impactful TV screens

Simple yet impactful TV screens

#1 The simplest solution is probably a large screen playing interesting content – it’s better than nothing but its not exactly unique!

#2 Consider using a iPad or tablet device on your stand so that people have to press the screen and make choices in order to learn about your brand. These apps are now  simple and inexpensive to create.

#3 Social Sharing has become very popular, so perhaps set up a themed photo kiosk and invite people to have a humorous picture taken and then share it.

#4 A competition that relies on skill, perhaps a Playstation game where people compete to win prizes by getting on the leaderboard. This is a great option because those not playing can watch others compete and those competing can really engage. To take it one stage further,  there are various companies that have created games which can simply be re-skinned with your branding making it more unique to you.

Classic Spin&Win, always fun and engaging!

Classic Spin&Win, always fun and engaging!

#5 A competition that relies on chance, like a spin to win board or even a simple business card draw. This normally creates a little fun and engagement and is less threatening for some than a competitive game!

Effective and simple - the business card draw

Effective and simple – the business card draw

The great thing about most of these options is that they also  provide a simple method to MEASURE attendance/engagement at your stand. You want to be able to prove the ROI you gained from attending an event and these methods provide irrefutable numbers.


Even if all you end up doing is giving away a free coffee, at least count the cups in the bin, or turn the bin into a game and ask people to vote on something with their cup!





Self Contained Kitchen!

People said it couldn’t be done. But we managed it. The client wanted to sample product but also show shoppers how easy the product is to use. Our solution? An entire self contained kitchen in a mall, with running water and waste disposal, all built in and self-sufficient.



Brandstand is currently storing this kitchen. If you think your brand could use it, then call Jacques on 0800 10 99 88.