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Coherent Solutions in the US

Southern Photonics in the US
Southern Photonics in the US
Southern Photonics in the US

Auckland based company Coherent Solutions, a global engineering company who specialise in the design and manufacture of a range of optical systems, have been attending the Optical Fibre Conference in the U.S. for 12 years.

They engaged the team at Brandstand to design and build its custom made Exhibition Stand for the March 2013 conference. The stand would not only be used to launch the new “Coherent Solutions” brand, but also showcase the company’s product and can-do-attitude in providing bespoke solutions.

Over the weeks following, the team worked through multiple concepts. Each of these were measured against the original objectives of attending this show. The stand design needed to compete with some of the largest brands in the world. As with attending trade shows in the USA, you need to account for the “bigger is better mind-set” to ensure you get the required cut-through with the design.

Andy and his team spent numerous hours working through their messaging to refine and focus their various messaging. As this show was to be used to launch the new brand, the brand had to be the hero within the design. As far as the structure goes, we had to create some height to ensure we commanded enough attention within the exhibition hall and where possible dominate other exhibitors in  close proximity. We created a centre-piece in the middle of the booth towering at 3600mm high, the structure achieved our presence and dominance as required.

From a functional point of view the structure provided both internal storage and 4 different category facings. These facing allowed us to break the messaging into 4-components along with product station that were relevant to each face. The curved product stations once again provided more storage whilst sitting neatly into the facings of the main structure. The corner stations become a play on the product and fibre optic ends. Andy’s team designed, built and programmed a LED lighting grid with flashing LED’s, above this grid we created a clear top section with a recessed brochure holder. This station not only resembled the signal transmission through the fibre optics, but doubled up as a bar leaner and literature display. To finish the aesthetic, a white floor was used the graphics tying the central structure to the product stations and corner stations.

For the full New Zealand Herald article, please click here 

"Awesome, the pictures look great. Have circulated it around the staff, so will be cool to see their reaction! Thanks for pushing your team so hard and getting this booth done for us. Love the very hands-on approach you have over there at Brandstand. You definitely live up to your title “The can do guy”. We’ve really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes (especially with all our changes and last minute rushing about)."

Alice Chen, Marketing Administrator & Graphic Designer, Coherent Solutions Ltd