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Yellow Pages Expo Stand

Yellow Pages Expo Stand
Yellow Pages Expo Stand
Yellow Pages Expo Stand
Yellow Pages Expo Stand

Yellow Pages Exhibition Kit


We were engaged by the PR & Communications team from Yellow New Zealand to design and build a display kit that could be used at multiple events to showcase their new website and product offering. Whilst not only being functional, it also had to be aesthetically pleasing.

Part of the brief was to incorporate tablets to showcase their new website and related digital applications to existing and prospective customers. Also on the wish list was that 1-2 persons could assemble and breakdown the entire kit. Transport and the associated costs were to be kept to a minimum, therefore we needed to ensure the solution was not only lightweight, but could fold down to a minimum size.

The Challenge

With the strategic messaging they wanted to use across their marketing platform we had to ensure that the stand could be used within multiple configurations and that the graphics could be changed out to suit the specific target audience at any of their multiple events. The technology requirements also had to be adaptable, be able to be used on their own or tie-in with the remainder of the stand in its corporate configuration.

The Solution

After breaking down the various parts of the business that Yellow wanted to showcase we were able to put together a single design option for each of their shows. Using the SuperWall Exhibition System we then started to define the physical layouts along with the required graphics. By using Dye-sublimated fabric graphic skins the Superwall system is able to be printed on 2–sides, therefore enabling the amount of hardware to be reduced and giving the client the flexibility to use the relevant graphics at various events without the other graphic being visible.

Breaking the kit into sections meant we could fit into either the required 3m x 3m area or fold out into a 6m x 3m cubicle at some of the larger shows. At open air events, walls can be locked together as triangles or squares to create walk-around structures or fold out to create a single 12m backdrop! 

The IPAD stands added an interactive dimension and gave the client the option to easily change the layout during the shows to suit traffic flow. These were firmly secured within the IPAD mount to avoid theft and the branding panels provided the flexibility to change the messaging depending on the target audience.

To the client’s delight this all fitted into 3 carry bags and weighed in at 24kgs total (Excluding the IPAD stands)!