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Exhibition Tips

How to harness exhibitions to your advantage!

Exhibitions bring your most active prospects and customers to you, helping you to develop a quality database. With a dramatic, eye-catching display stand you will become the focus for interested and motivated customers maximising the attributes and advantages of your products or service.

How to use this powerful marketing medium more effectively…

Before the Exhibition know what your goals are.
Decide whether your priority is brand promotion, instant sales, sales leads, new agents or distributors… or a PR exercise.

Plan your stand to achieve those goals.
Design your stand around the product/service rather than for design’s sake.

Tell people what you’re doing, why they should come and where.
Consider an incentive when sending out brochures or invites. Make appointments in advance and plan client meetings.

Be a part of the pre-show PR and advertising… maybe even sponsorship.
Place articles and adverts ahead of the show in trade magazines, newspapers, catalogues and websites.

Train the people who will be on the stand to achieve your goals.
Exhibitions are different than normal sales calls, brief your staff well and ensure you gather a quality database.

Use the web- yours and the event site.
Make sure your Exhibition details are on your own website in advance to give interested customers time to plan, and take any opportunity to promote your company on the event website.

Why Exhibitions work…

  • They attract targeted buyers, decision-makers and provide returns.
  • Displays are “real life” rather than catalogue/website so your customers can gain full appreciation of your products.
  • They are a unique, interactive marketing platform.
  • You can personally overcome objections & build positive outcomes.
  • You can develop personal relationships with clients.
  • Being there will raise your profile in the industry.
  • With a creative, eye-catching stand you will gain maximum exposure for your brand, cost-effectively.
  • The right industry environment to source new agents and distributors for your product.
  • An effective platform to launch a new product and generate media interest.

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing medium … and we have the right solutions to maximise results!


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