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Blade Double Sided Bannerstand

Blade Double Sided Bannerstand

Welcome to the new generation of banner stands! The Blade Stand is the 21st century version of the old pull-up banner, and the impact is obvious from the first time you see it.

 Slim and Stylish

The Blade Stand features a super slim profile, measuring just 30mm front to back.

No Visible Frame - It's all Graphic!

Remember the old pull-up banner with the support pole behind?  Even the double-sided versions have a visible gap between the banners.  With the Blade Sign all the hardware is hidden inside the display, meaning all you see is your graphics.  

Many malls and retailers are actively trying to move away from traditional bannerstands, feeling that they simply don’t evoke the right impression for their brand. They're recognising an evolution in display and the benefits of printed fabric.

Changing Graphics is Super Easy

The Blade Stand features a one-piece graphic skin that slides over the frame quickly and easily.  This makes the process of changing graphics super simple - you just slide the old graphic off and slide the new one on.




 A Size to Suit You

With three different widths (600mm, 900mm, or 1200mm) available, you can be assured there is a size to match your needs. The slender 600mm wide stand is ideal where space is tight, whereas the 1200mm wide unit stops audiences in their tracks! 

If you need your bannerstand to be mall-friendly, then we offer specific sizes approved by both Kiwi Property and Westfield, the two main Mall operators in New Zealand. 

Banner height can be adjusted to a size that suits you; choose a desktop height of 1.2 metres, shopping centre height of 1.5 metres, 1.8 metres, or as high as 2.4 metres or more for maximum visual impact.  Just let us know what you need. Howvever the the most popular size for a display is 900mm wide x 2.25 metres high.

Simply Better


The Blade Stand is a 2.2m replacement for the traditional bannerstand. It features a stretch fabric skin that slides over a lightweight aluminium pole frame.

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Blade Stand 1
brandstand blade base
Brandstand blade 2
brandstand blade
Blade Stand 8
Blade Stand 7
Blade Stand 6
Blade stand 5
Blade stand 4
Blade stand 3
Blade stand 2
Bladestand 1500

Optional Carry Case

For many users the Blade Stand will not require much transportation at all - for example, when being used in a shopping mall or retail store or airport or showroom.  For this reason we offer the carry case as an optional extra, meaning you only need to purchase the case if you need it.

Quality Costs No More

If all these benefits leave you thinking a Blade Stand is going to be beyond your budget, think again. Contact us for a detailed quote based on your individual requirements.

Generous discounts are available for orders of multiple units.

Introducing the Blade Fabric Bannerstand.

  • The double-sided image provides twice the impact at an affordable price
  • It has less moving parts so there’s little to go wrong.
  • It features a clever locking assembly of aluminium poles that are incredibly lightweight and easy to put together.
  • The double sided fabric skins are easy and economic to replace.
  • Each skin is dye sub printed to give amazing colour depth and image clarity.
  • The skins is machine washable, so looks like new each and every time it is displayed.
  • Optional carry bags are available
  • Fabric is more robust than vinyl and can be deployed numerous times without the material degrading.
  • We offer a full design service if required

Widths Standards widths are 600, 900 or 1200mm. Most popular size is 900mm wide.
Heights 1.5 metres (for shopping centres), 1.8 metres, 2.25 metres, or a custom height to suit you. 2.25m is the standard height.
Banner Types Digitally printed full colour fabric - double sided
Spotlight Optional
Carry Case Additional & optional

Code: Blade_Stand

Size Options:

Optional carry bag?:

Special requirements:


I have attached a couple of pictures – the desk was great! Just what I had in mind and it worked perfectly, thanks  Thanks again for all their hard work – it really paid off. We also need a quote for some other bits and Shari will be in touch (if she hasn’t already) about those. Cheers Nicky

Nicky Geary, Zespri


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