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Big Mural Display Wall

Big Mural Display Wall

Portable Fabric Display Wall


  • Extremely popular - ONLY 90-seconds to erect
  • One-piece, high colour, ecofriendly dye-sublimated fabric graphic (no seam-line)
  • Fabric graphics can be easily interchanged 
  • Printed side walls
  • Sturdy Pop Up frame with 5-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight - reduce freight costs
  • Padded carry case (Hard wheeled Carry Case available)
  • Curved and straight frame options - various sizes
  • Velco receptive option available for easy poster interchange
  • Hire options available 
  • Ideal as a conference, media wall or as an exhibition back drop
  • We offer a full design service if required



Big Mural 2x3m Straight Template 
Big Mural 3x3m Straight Template 
Big Mural 4x3 Straight Template 
Big Mural 3x3m Curved Template 
Big Mural 4x3m Curved Template

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Curved 2.95m wide Big Mural Display Wall for Zespri
Straight 2.95m Big Mural for rugby media display
Curved 2.25m wide Big Mural for Canteen
Meter Eye curved Big Mural with complimentary Waveline Counter
Curved 2.95m wide Big Mural for Watties
1500mm wide Curved Big Mural
Straigh 2.95m Big Mural for Versatile Homes
2.995m wide wall for Electrolux
2.95m Straight Big Mural for Westinghouse
2.95m wide Big Mural display wall for Rheem
Pacific Aerials straight Big Mural pop up display
Private Flight 2.95m wide Big Mural display wall
Agpro Curved Big Mural - 2.95m wide
All Blacks Media Backdrop
Vertex Curved 4x3 with flat end caps
Big Mural
3 x 3 Curved Big Mural pop up display wall
Frame - Strong and ingenious construction that allows for compact storage.
A complete 2.995m wide Big Mural, folded up and ready to be packed into its carry bag.
Carry Bag - has an optional trolley (Hard wheeled carry case also available)
Big Mural
1520mm wide Big Mural

The Big Mural POP-Up Fabric display wall is the affordable, 90-seconds-to-erect, marketing machine.

Made from 1 piece of fabric! Check the competition... Can they guarantee the graphics will line up perfectly after the pieces are joined together? The Big Mural is the safe choice ... it's printed in one complete piece with no alignment issues or unsightly seams!

Make a Big Mural your promotional traveling companion.

Achieve your marketing goals with the Big Mural, big impact, simple to erect & pack-up, portable POP-Up display wall.

The Big Murals' attention grabbing message delivery system offers the convenience of a Brandstand Quick Screen or Premier Banner Stand with the visual impact of a Pop-Up Display Wall.

The Big Mural is ideally suited for:

  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Long distance marketing events
  • Sales presentations
  • In-store or showroom displays and demonstrations
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Educational activities
  • Training & recruitment

What differentiates the Big Mural from ordinary, heavy, hard to use POP-Ups?

  1. Using vibrant, true colour light fast fabric compatible dyes, your design is digitally printed onto a specially developed, robust, non-stretch polyester mix fabric.

    Your Mural is then fixed, with industrial strength velcro, to a POP-Up frame. Unlike ordinary POP-Ups, there's no chance of one of your staff or a well meaning volunteer damaging your precious presentation medium whilst erecting, using or packing up your Display Wall.

    Digitally printed and velcro compatible murals are interchangeable — you can do it yourself in 5 minutes, enabling you to change your presentation to present a different product or service to a different target audience.

  2. Big Murals really are light. A complete 3 metre wide Big Mural weighs only 13kg including the POP-Up frame, printed or velcro compatible Mural & spotlights.

The Fastest Way to Display

The Big Mural is probably one of the fastest ways to create the right impression. In less than two minutes you can set up a 3 metre wide display wall with a surface area of more than 8 square metres of attention-grabbing, stop ‘em in their tracks imagery.

The one-piece fabric graphic is fixed to the structure, even when the frame is folded up and stored in the transport bag. When the display is set again, the fabric is stretched out,under tension created by the frame, to a smooth surface.

Uneven surfaces are not a problem!

The Big Mural offers many benefits over conventional Pop-Ups, with their heavy rollflex magnet-fixed graphic panels, not the least of which is the fact that a Big Mural is quite happy to be erected on uneven surfaces such as grass inside marquees, as is common at agricultural and trucking shows, food and wine festivals and sports events.

Dynamic Shape Options

Flat and curved frames, and with flat, rounded, or no end caps.

The actual graphic (Big Mural) is digitally printed in one piece onto specially-developed 3.3m wide synthetic fabric, giving a completely seamless, one piece image. The Big Mural image is permanently attached, with velcro hook and loop, to the Pop-Up frame, making erection both fast and simple. When the frame is collapsed down at the end of the event, the Big Mural stays on the frame and is packed in one piece into its padded carry bag.

Optional End Caps

The Big Mural is available with curved End Panels. Having curved End Panels (on a flat frame) increases the width of the Big Mural by 400mm. For example, a 3x3 Frame with curved End Panels gives an overall size of 2259mm + 400mm = 2659mm wide x 2259mm high.

Changeable Graphics

The Big Mural can be easily removed from its frame and replaced with a new or alternative image, allowing you to change your presentation to suit your promotional needs, wherever you are. The spare Big Mural, which weighs only 3kg, folds down into a small carry bag for easy transportation.

Wide Range of Sizes

Standard Frame sizes available in:
4×3 (2995×2259mm high)
3×3 (2259×2259mm high)
2×3 (1520×2259mm high)
1×3 (790×2259mm high)

Standard Frame sizes available in:
4×2 (2995×1520mm high)
3×2 (2259×1520mm high)
2×2 (1520×1520mm high)
1×2 (790×1520mm high)

We can produce other sizes to suit your special needs.

So what type of banner(s) should I choose?

Fabric Banners

We digitally print high resolution images onto lightweight fabrics. Screenprinting onto fabrics is the most cost-effective method when multiple units of the same image are required.

Velcro Receptive Banners

Perfect for situations where you need to change your presentations to suit your audience or product promotion. With velcro receptive banners you can use existing promotional material up to 900mm wide.

Assemble within 90 seconds!

Big Mural Assembly Big Mural Assembly

Banner Shape Flat, Concave, Convex, S shaped
End Caps Optional
Height 2259mm
Widths 790mm, 1520mm, 2259mm, 2995mm, 3732mm
Lightkit Optional
Weight Approximately 10-14kgs, depending on the size

Here's what Agile NZ Ltd said about their Big Mural.

Just got back from the show the new pop stand worked a treat. Great graphics and no frustration trying to line up panel graphics. We were under pressure with limited pack in times at each of the three events on consecutive dates. I had our stand up ready while other exhibitors were still clipping their stand frame works together. It is also more rigid and stable in comparison to our other POP Up stand.ThanksDave Mason, Product Marketing Manager, Agile NZ Ltd.

To discover more about the advantages of using Dye-sublimated fabric graphics in your portable display please see:

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Hi Caroline I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed we have been with the way in which you and all the team at Brandstand have been able to meet the challenge we presented you with in producing our expo kit. Your ability to understand our needs and guide us has meant we have, as a small training provider, been able to stand tall amongst our much larger competitors. The many positive comments we received from our customers just reaffirmed to us that we made the right decision going with your company. We will certainly recommend you and we look forward to working with you again in the near future. Kind regards

Jan Hutchinson, Operations Manager - Techtorium


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