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Superwall Fabric Systems | Curved Wall

Superwall Fabric Systems | Curved Wall

Superwall Curved Fabric Display Wall is the ideal easy to use and versatile back drop for tradeshows, conferences and media events

    • Our most popular display wall due to it's lightweight and easy installation
    • One-piece high colour dye-sublimated fabric graphic (no seam line)
    • Fabric graphics can be easily interchanged
    • Eco-friendly tensioned fabric graphic gives the impression of a solid wall (no creases!)
    • Optional branded counters available to compliment your stand and provide a sales station
    • Durable hardware with 5-Year Warranty
    • Lightweight & easy installation (no tools required)
    • Comes standard with padded carry case (hardcase is also available) 
    • Optional double-sided fabric skins available so your design can be viewed from all angles
    • Custom sizes and shapes available
    • Ideal for tradeshows, exhibitions, media events and conferences
    • We offer a full design service if required

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Huge 5.1M wide Waveline Pop Up Display Wall for Heineken
2.95mtr wide Waveline Display Wall with fabric skin
DBR Property Waveline Display Wall
Front side of a 3x3 Waveline Fabric Display Wall
Reverse side of  a 3x3 Waveline Display Wall. The image can be swapped from front to back
Backside of a 2.95mtr wide Waveline. The back and front images can be changed around.
Waveline Display Wall
2 x Wavelines 3.2M wide
Waveline 'B' Display Wall with screen & shelves
Waveline Display Wall
A Waveline B with it's 'CA500' Carry Case that turns into a sales counter
2.95mtr Waveline Display Wall with lights
Massey University Waveline pop up with Superlight table and portable Roll Up brochure holder
Front of Double-sided G J Gardner Waveline
Back of Double-sided G J Gardner Waveline
A 'Streamline' shaped Pop Up wall
Waveline Frame - Here is a Waveline frame without the printed image. It consists of a simple tubing system with a single support pole in the middle.
2.25mtr wide Waveline Display Wall
Waveline Display Wall with complimentary Waveline sales Counter
Weltec Waveline Display Wall
Sturdy Waveline Carry Bag (A hard wheeled Carry Case is also available)
Waveline Double-sided
Waveline Double-sided
LED Light Kit
Optional LED Spotlight for the Waveline

This is one of the best innovations in curved display walls in the last ten years. Even if we do say so ourselves! Once you've started using the Waveline you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Remember the old days when your only option was a pop-up display with the big heavy case on wheels? Times have well and truly changed. The Waveline is a 3 metre wide display that is cheaper, lighter, easier to use, and looks fabulous.


How it Works

The Waveline uses a super light aluminium framing system wrapped in a vibrant fabric outer. The fabric fits tightly around the frame and secures with a zip running down the side. This creates the ideal amount of tension in the fabric to give a smooth, curved finish.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Assemble

Packed into the carry bag, the Waveline weighs just 12 kilograms. Assembly of the frame takes one person no more than five minutes, and all that's left to do is slide the printed graphic over the outside. No tools required.

Different Prints? Different Skins!

If you have the type of business in which you need to change your graphics as you go from event to event, the Waveline is for you. With a single frame you can simply slide your new or replacement graphic over the top, providing even greater value and versatility.

(Width & Height options: 2259mm x 2259mm, 2995mm x 2259mm, 5260mm x 2259mm, 1400mm x 1400mm, 2259mm x 1400mm, 2259mm x 2259mm, 2995mm x 2259mm, 5890mm x 2259mm)

1. Unpacking


2. Frame Assembly

3. Frame Assembly


4. Frame Assembly


5. Fitting Fabric to Frame Assembly


6. Finished Stand


To discover more about the advantages of using Dye-sublimated fabric graphics in your portable display please click here.

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Hi Caroline. I’ve been meaning to send you a photo of the display wall at one of the conferences overseas. So many people commented on it which is awesome! Thank you so much for all your help.

Chantel Piper, Recruitment Advisor, NZMedics


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