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Freestanding & Wall mounted Lightboxes with illuminated graphics

Freestanding & Wall mounted Lightboxes with illuminated graphics

Light boxes make a bold statement with illuminated graphics creating the ultimate display.

If you want to make a statement with a large image or some signage then the light box is a definite contender.  Not only is it impactful but it's also flexible and can be built to any size you like. The recyclable aluminimum lightweight framing (brandframe) gives added flexibility for where you can use your light box. Whether it is a free standing unit, wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling this product is as adabtable as you want it to be.

Some real benefits of the system :

  • Interchangeable eco-friendly graphics
  • Graphics easy to change out for the sales staff
  • Custom size
  • Single and Double sided
  • Fabric graphics create a softer more diffused light, ideal for initimate retail and commercial environments

The boxes use LED lights, which are 80% more effecient than normal light bulbs, with a low power draw. This low draw produces a low heat output making these an eco friendly display option, whilst not affecting room temperatures.

Lightbox illuminated fabric


How it works

The graphics are printed on fabric using dye sublimation which brings out the vivid colours and gives an impactful look. Being fabric they are exceptionally simple to change out, making it easy to alter your display on a regular basis.

The lighting behind the fabric gives a glow that is subtle but attractive to consumers eyes and the shear size of some of thes images certainly attract attention.


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Illuminated Graphics Fabric 1
Freestanding Custom Lightbox with interchangeable graphics
Topshop Male Model
Topshop Lightbox
Sushi Fabric Lighbox
Ferrari Lightbox Image fabric
Lightbox fabric image
Keratese Lightbox fabric
Custom lightbox in Westfield Centre

The illuminated fabric light boxes are incredibly well designed making it easy to change out the graphics when you want to. There is no need to call in extra help you or your staff can change out the graphics in 3 simple steps.

Installation Step 1 Step 1

Insert the two opposite corners first

(ie. top left and bottom right)







Installation step2


Step 2

Insert the two remaining corners

(ie. top right, bottom left)






Installationstep 3

Step 3

Insert each edge in the CENTRE first and then work your way out to the corners.

Best to start with the sides to make sure any horizontal lines end up sitting straight.

Code: LB_fabricgraphics

Special requirements:


We have just finished installing the skins. They look fantastic and the feature wall is brilliant! The colours are great too!! I can't thank you enough... you nailed it! I am so happy, thank you!!! :) Kind regards

Rebecca Burt. Creative Director | Kotare Creative Limited


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