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Illuminated Bannerstands

Illuminated Bannerstands

Our new portable Brandframe display systems allow you to showcase your products effortlessly and with elegance.

Illuminated bannerstands

LEDGO illuminated display stand - uses OSRAM LED lights behind the fabric to illuminate your image and make it really stand out. LEDGO is unbeatable, when it comes to a vivid and even illumination. The high-efficiency OSRAM LED modules give a strong radiance output and an even and shadow-free illumination.

Non-illuminated bannerstands

YOUGO non illuminated display stand - a flexible modular system, that is easy to set up and uses premium fabric to create high impact graphics. The lightweight construction, stable aluminum frames and our unique pin connectors ensure the greatest stability. 


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Taking bannerstands to the next level.

These displays are:

- lightweight

- stable

- stylish

- easy to assemble

By using an innovative, unique and tool-less interlock system the frame is set up within seconds. Consisting of just seven parts, they can be quickly assembled without tools - the perfect fast and simple solution to your display needs. Both options are surprisingly light with a display of 100x200cm weighing in at just 8.7kg! That means it can be transported in your carry-on allowance! 


Silicon edged graphics

Globally we are seeing more and more companies using Silicone Edge Graphics [SEG] or soft graphics to create super-easy to set up fabric displays. It makes sense, given that these fabric panels don’t need zips or other fastening to maintain the stretch of the fabric. SEG display units simply have a silicone edge that inserts into an Aluminium extrusion making the graphics easy to change or replace when a new message is required. 



Group together to create a fabric illuminated display wall

There are two different sizes; 1000mm wide x 2.0m high and 1000mm wide x 2.45m high (see specifications below for more detaiI). They can be displayed on their own or they can be used as a modular system making a much bigger display/wall.  End panels can also be turned 90 degrees, depending on the look you want or the area you have to display in.

Sustainable cardboard carry case

The patented cardboard carry case provides for ease of transport & protection. The clever locking system at each end means the case can be expanded or retracted to house your fabric graphics! The easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included on the lid of the carry case. 


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LEDGO Illuminated frame
LEDGO Bannerstand
You Wall
YOUGO Combined
LEDGO Connectors
YOUGO Aluminium Connectors
YOUGO Carry Case

Specifications for Brandframe Bannerstands:

There are two different sizes for both the illuminated and non-illuminated options:

1m wide x 2m high

1m wide x 2.45m high

Profile Depth:  80mm 

Weight: Depending on the size the weight ranges from 6.7 to 10kgs.

Case Size: 116cm x 30cm x 11cm

Frame Material - silver anodized aluminium framing is standard

The carry case is constructed of rigid corrugated cardboard with a foam inner for protection and a handle for easy transportation. 

Code: Illuminated_Brandframe_Bannerstand

Price (ex GST): 0.00 each

Special requirements:


I wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with the finished product of the Fabric Wall Anna.  It’s a great product and the impression it makes when set up is unmistakable.

In addition to the booklet you have provided me with, we’ll be keeping an image on file here for our future clients’ reference.  Should any of your products fit their needs I will most certainly be in touch. 

Thank you again.

Ben Finnan, Communications Manager, The Conference Company


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