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Media Wall

Media Wall

A Brandstand Media Wall gives you an easy to set-up, perfect backdrop to your media events, ensuring satisfied event sponsors and organisers.

It’s the #1 practical cost effective solution for brands that like to hog the limelight with prices from $1095.00 +GST.

Why Choose a Brandstand Media Wall?

Cost Effective Pricing from $1095 +GST

Because the media wall can be re-skinned any time you need a new graphic the media wall is a cost effective solution. 

Photo Friendly

Our Media Walls are designed to be photographed. We use a special fabric which reduces flash glare and ensures that light doesn’t bounce off the fabric, causing issues for photographers and videographers.

Lightweight & Portable

We use lightweight aluminium to form the media wall frame, and then add a printed stretched fabric sleeve over the top of the frame. This makes it easy to carry around, cost effective to freight, and simple to erect.


We use a lightweight washable fabric, not as heavy duty as our Superwall fabric but it still comes with a one year warranty.

High Impact Graphics

We print our fabric sleeves in New Zealand using a dye sublimation process that esnures the graphics are sharp and the colours well saturated. This ensures logo reproduction and imagery which stands out.


Media Wall Size Options

Choose from the following sizes for our Media Wall, single or double sided.

1.5m wide x 2.25m high*

2.44m wide x 2.25m high

2.95m wide x 2.25m high

3.75m wide x 2.25m high 

* straight shape available only in this size.


Media Wall Style

Our Media Walls come with either a straight or curved framing, to suit your requirements.


Superwall vs Media Wall?

We’re often asked what the difference is between a Superwall and a Media Wall. Although they look very similar, there is in fact quite a difference!


Exhibition Calendar vs Media Event

The Superwall modular system is designed for businesses that regularly attend trade shows and exhibitions, and require a robust solution for a variety of usage occasions. Our media Wall is designed for occasional use, in a stable low impact environment.



Our Superwall exhibition wall system is a modular system which offers several options to build a complete exhibition stand. Our Media Wall are a simple single wall solution.



The Superwall system uses thicker aluminium extrusion, as well as heavier fabric - this is why we are able to offer a 5 year warranty with this product. Our Media Walls use a lighter aluminium framing and lighter fabric - they’re still great for purpose but only come with a one year warranty.

Both solutions use the same printing process and both achieve the same high impact graphics.



We’re able to offer a great deal more choice with the Superwall system, in terms of materials, fabrics and also sizing. With Superwall we can offer a mucher broader range and even create various bespoke elements or customise the system to more specific client needs.


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Hi Stuart; Thanks for the FTMA conference premier brand stands. See the photos attached. Your Brandstandproducts were the best on display and just stood out from all the others there! Regards,

Rob Skipsey, CEO, FTMA Nz Inc.


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