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SuperWall Edge

SuperWall Edge

Stand Out From the Crowd

We have created an outstanding SuperWall that is not only functional but looks great and is designed to deliver an eye-catching display wall.

The SuperWall Edge is a 6 metre wide wall that consists of three modules, with the two side modules built at symmetrical angles.  The result is a design you will love.

How the SuperWall Works

The SuperWall uses a super light aluminium framing system wrapped in a one-piece vibrant fabric outer. The fabric fits tightly around the frame and secures with a zip running down the side. This creates the ideal amount of tension in the fabric to give a smooth, stylish finish.

With the SuperWall Edge, the display is supplied in three frame sections with three stand-alone graphics.  This packs away simply and easily into just two carry bags, which are easily stored on the back seat of your car or taken as check-in luggage on a plane flight.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Assemble

Packed into the carry bags, a 6 metre-wide SuperWall Edge weighs just 15 kilograms. Assembly of the frames takes one person no more than ten minutes, and all that's left to do is slide the printed graphic over the outside. No tools required.

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Superwall edge
Superwall edge side on
Superwall edge pop up wall
Superwall edge
Superwall edge example

Different Prints? Different Skins!

If you have the type of business in which you need to change your graphics as you go from event to event, the Superwall Edge is a great solution. With a single frame you can simply slide your new or replacement graphic over the top, providing even greater value and versatility.

You can even choose a double-sided graphic if you'd like to flip the display around to show the image on the reverse side.

Endless Combinations and Configurations

The SuperWall lends itself to many, many different configurations, limited only by your imagination. We can configure multiple units in many different configurations and shapes to create a variety of versatile and eye-catching displays.


Backdrop Stand :: Double-Sided Graphics

Getting your graphics double-sided gives you a couple of important advantages - (1) if your display is visible from both sides it gives you a chance to communicate with your target audience in all directions, and (2) you can simply flip your graphics around to change the message, rather than having to get an extra graphic skin.


Backdrop Stand :: Extra Graphic Skins

Use your existing frame hardware and simply change your graphics over again and again. We will keep all your job specifications on file, which enables us to send out new graphics to you without the need to return your stand hardware to us.

Backdrop Stand :: Monitor Holders

Add a monitor or TV to your stand quickly and easily.


Backdrop Stand :: Carry Case Converting to Sales Counter

You can get your display in a simple carry bag, or upgrade to a wheeled carry case that converts to a sales counter. The counter can have a simple black graphic skin as shown, or can be customised with your own artwork and logos.


Backdrop Stand :: Spotlights

Add LED spotlights to your display as required.

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Hi Stuart and thanks for your time when I called in this morning. You certainly have a wealth of knowledge about your industry, exhibition techniques, and sales generally. I really do appreciate you sharing your expertise with me. Your suggestion to rent the display stand(s) initially makes sense. If the strategy works well, then buying the stand(s) is a good option. As I was telling you, I have two large laminated posters which I would like to use if possible. See attached copy. The posters are 1200 wide and just under 1800 high. Cheers NOEL



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