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Portable Slat Walls

Portable Slat Walls

A truly versatile slat wall display solution! Built from modular sections so you can pull the display apart and move it to your next event or presentation.

After receiving hundreds of requests from our clients to develop a user friendly slat wall solution that can be taken on the road, Brandstand announces New Zealand's first truly versatile slat wall.

We have developed a framing system that does away with the heavy and cumbersome MDF slat boards we see in stores and exhibitions across the country. MDF is a useful material if the slat board is being permanently mounted as a retail fixture, but cannot easily be moved from place-to-place.

How it works

The Brandstand portable slat wall uses high strength, lightweight aluminium in place of traditional materials. The clever design of the external frame allows it to easily pull apart for storage and transportation. The slat panels slide into the frame and lock into place to create a strong, sturdy slat wall solution.

We offer a full design service if required!

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Carry Bags to Suitcarry_Bag

The Brandstand portable slat wall is supplied in our go-anywhere carry bags for you to transport and assemble yourself.

Double-sided for versatility

If you're planning on using your portable slat wall as a free-standing item, you'll appreciate the flexibility of a full double-sided display as standard. We can add your graphics to one side only, or both sides as required. Now that's Brandstand flexibility!

Unlimited sizes and configurations

The portable slat wall can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Choose from one of our standard kits, or create your own configuration to suit your unique requirements. Just talk to us about what you need.

Interchangeable graphics

Graphics are easily changed over without the need for tools or specialist equipment. Using in-built graphic slots allows you to slide your own graphics into the display, giving you the option to create completely different branding without any extra display hardware.


Our slat wall panel solution is completely free-standing and does not need to be attached to a wall. If display is used in one straight line, use our clever low profile support feet to support the structure. Or, use the wall in L, "plus" or other shape so it stands on its own.

Materials and Specifications

The Brandstand portable slat wall is a full aluminium system, featuring a 40 x 40mm square frame as standard, combined with double-sided horizontal aluminium slats. Space between each slat is 100mm.

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Special requirements:


Just popping in to say thank you so much for the AMAZING banner stand you sent for Vann's final event. We LOVE it so much, please thank everyone from us. We said a special thanks on Vann's facebook page for you. Cheers, Abbey


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