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NZ Breakers Case Study
NZ Breakers Case Study

NZ SKYCITY Breakers Case Study


The SKYCITY Breakers are our premiere professional basketball team, competing in the Australian Basketball League. They joined the league in 2003 and play at both North Shore Events Centre and Vector Arena. They are one of only 2 clubs outside of Australia that play in the league. They won the NBL championship in 2011, 2012, 2013 and again in 2015. That’s an impressive record, and we’re very proud to have supported them over the years. 


The Challenge

The SKYCITY Breakers management team approached us in 2008 and challenged us to create a more professional ‘game day’ look that could be utilised at both their venues, and would provide better exposure for both the club and its sponsors. Brandstand needed to create a portable ‘Home’ for the Breakers, so that both fans and the team felt at home wherever the venue for match day. Our solution needed to deliver:

  • multiple branded touch points
  • commercial opportunities for sponsorship signage
  • significant Breakers branding to ensure media coverage and fan recognition


 The Solution

Initially we carried out an assessment of both venues as well as their training location at Atlas Place. We then provided a full report that detailed the opportunities for signage and branding. We continue to work with the SKYCITY Breakers and their sponsors to deliver branded impact at each and every game, providing them with a complete and portable solution that can be rolled out quickly at each venue. We also provide more static branding at their training ground to ensure media impact during training and evoke a sense of team spirit and ownership amongst the players.


 - Courtside

Removable Floor Decals

Using our technical expertise and years of experience , we were able to find and print a material that would be removable whilst also providing the right amount of surface slip for players. As well as needing to be highly durable it also needed to feature minimum glare/reflection for the TV cameras.

Sponsorship Wall

A sponsorship wall runs the length of the court and carries signage for each major sponsor. This uses our Finesse Frame and Fabric system, so we can easily replace sponsors details without replacing the framing. These signs can take a bit of a hammering but ours is still going strong after 6 years!

Endzone Signage

These mostly carry Breakers branding, but can be sold to sponsors and changed quickly and cost effectively. All our fabric solutions can be washed after each game, so they always look brand new!


- Off Court

Player Banners

Each player has a profile banner located at the entrance to each venue and placed there on game day. They get a lot of use, so need to be easy to assemble, quick to store and highly durable.

Lobby Signs

These are used to display key information like court layouts, timetables etc.


We use promotional branded flags to welcome supporters to the venue, and also to create a players’ tunnel, courtside.


- Corporate Sponsorship & Hospitality

Branded Bar Leaners

Obviously corporate sponsorship drives revenue for professional sports clubs, so we created a uniform, professional look using branded sleeves that fit over bar leaners in the hospitality areas.

Crowd Barriers

We created subtle crowd barriers using Finesse framing and branded fabric that section of the corporate areas.

Seat Backs

Reserved Corporate seating features fabric branded seat back sleeves

Branded Table Cloths

These identify the courtside dinner seating and retain the consistency of trading throughout each venue.

Branded competition boxes are placed around each venue to drive fan engagement and build their database of supporters.


The Result

Regardless of venue, fans are presented with a consistent look and feel so that having 2 ‘homes’ doesn't alienate the fans. Sponsors are kept happy with a professional, high end look and feel in return for their investment and support. Each venue can be set up in 8 hours, prior to game day and packed away in 4 hours. Everything stores in portable carry cases for ease of transport, and can be packed into a small truck.

We’ve been working with the NZ Breakers for 7 years now, a partnership that has seen us continue to innovate and grow the level of branding, display and exposure we achieve for the team at each and every game. We’re huge fans of the team, and they’re huge fans of our work!  Together we create magic.


“A huge THANK YOU for your amazing commitment in providing our signage for the season! I truly appreciate the fantastic teams I am surrounded by to make our game night presentation the best it can be. No-one knows how much work goes into behind the scenes of all the games and how much of an integral part a team like yourself, Martin and Sarah play in making our event product aesthetically pleasing. Thank you for your professionalism, efficiency in attending to and accommodating our many signage requests….sometimes under a day’s notice. You are my A-team, and really help reduce my panic states!!!

Our success is a sum of all the parts, and you really do make a difference to our event and play such an important part, so thank you. Your contribution and commitment to the club’s success is hugely valued – you’re part of the family and I am wholeheartedly thankful for everything you do for us.”


Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!