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A temporary classroom constructed with Screenflex room dividers. Doors are also available.
Screenflex collapsed down and ready to be conveniently stored for it's next outing.
The screens link together
A free stranding triangular Screenflex unit for displaying marketing or classroom material
Screenflex being used in a church hall
Screenflex with a whiteboard surface

Screenflex - Portable Room Dividers

Make the most of your space by creating instant rooms, work or storage areas with these folding portable office screens & partition wall systems.

The folding partition temporary wall system by Screenflex to create temporary training & classrooms, office areas, private dining areas, bulletin boards, or even to hide unsightly debris. Manufactured in the USA and with a full range of sizes and finishes Screenflex is the worlds most versatile portable room divider.

Due to the acoustical properties of the walls ambient noise is also kept to a minimum. 


Superbly built, these patented folding office screens/ room dividers by Screenflex are totally free of any exterior connections and glide across the floor to be set up in seconds. Just roll into position, Unlock, Pull Open and Position as desired... Even in a straight line!

The screen dividers are ideal as a temporary classroom or area within schools, churches and other venues where a quick and easy solution is needed for privacy. You'll be surprised how much noise the specially designed acoustical panels absorb!

For peace of mind the high quality Screenflex panelled office screen system comes with a 3 year Manufacturers warranty!!

What Makes Screenflex Uniquie?

1. Self leveling castors for use on uneven surfaces

2. Corner and castor wheel locks ensure the panels can't move once in place

3. Specially designed acoustical panels to minimise noise disturbance

4.  A tackable and pinnable panel surface for the display of posters and signage

5.  Full length piano hinges for strength and longevity

6.  Multiple colours, heights and widths available (see the brochure or just ask!)

7.  A full range of accessories is available including doors, whiteboards, multi-unit connectors, wall frames and windows.

8.  Environmentally friendly with 76% recycled material.

Screenflex is shipped to your door fully assembled so no onsite assembly is required. Just take it out of it’s protective packaging and start experiencing the benefits of this durable portable room divider.

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