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Experience design – our approach to exhibitions and display design

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose – Charles Eames

Introducing The Design Hub.

Born out of a need to create great three dimensional design, we brought together a team of designers with a unique set of design skills. They bring the kind of design that marries graphic design elements to architectural and spatial design. It’s a specialist field that requires not only great artwork design skills but also an understanding of engineering and the spatial awareness of an interior designer. We call it Technical Design and we are one of the few companies to offer clients a complete Technical Design solution that goes beyond the skills of a design agency.

To design great exhibition stands or displays, a designer needs to understand the materials that will create the display and how people will navigate the display. At times we’re more like a theatre set designer, creating a show, and considering the ‘actors’ manning the stand, as well as the lighting and backdrop.

the design hub - brand productions

Concept plans and approaches

Experience design needs to integrate experiential elements and psychology – what will someone see, feel, hear and smell? As a result what actions will they take? And will these actions drive certain behaviours for the brand? A good experience designer must be able to deliver on a client’s desired outcome. Experience design addresses the flow of people around a stand or activation, and the way in which they connect with products and brands. It creates heroes out of brands and it creates theatre that makes people do, say and feel.

Concept drawing s- the design hub brand production

3D render image

We work with a range of materials and building elements, from natural materials like wood through to fabrics, inflatables, acrylics and aluminium framing. We understand the manufacturing process, the specifications and the realities of how various materials and elements work together.

Our work often features large scale artwork, which requires a unique set of skills. We’re adept at re-creating artwork for wide format printing. Like many designers, we understand the various print processes from digital to dye sublimated to offset printing. But we also know how to get the very best out of these print processes by tweaking our artwork to deliver bolder colours or by amending our specs to ensure a better outcome.

The Design Hub brings a mix of engineering, graphic design, spatial design, experiential thinking and set design within a single talented team. We are there to help with the ideation process, generating ideas and then showcasing these through concepts, renders and 3D modelling. We provide a complete design solution from ideation through to final artwork, and then we manage and oversee the production and print to ensure brand consistency. We’re there for our clients, each and every step of the way.

Concept drawing - the design hub brand productions

Concept drawings

Yale Mall Display

A render of how this display could look at a Mall

Our skill lies in taking an idea from dream to reality, developing a solution that delivers creatively but also practically. These combined skills are rarely found in a pure graphic design studio.

We would love the opportunity to have a coffee and discuss your requirements, please give us a call on 09 930 1811 or contact

Finding the best display products in the world

Each year, we make a point of visiting the biggest trade shows in Europe and China, looking at new ideas, new designs, new materials and new manufacturers. We go into these shows with our eyes open, truly looking for the best products, regardless of country of origin. And, of course, we’re on the lookout for products and designs that will translate well into the New Zealand market.

These shows provide us with ideas to bring back to New Zealand but, more than that, it enables us to talk to suppliers and build relationships. We all know how easy it is to feel a long way away from the rest of the world living here in New Zealand and that’s why relationships with suppliers are key to our success.

Buying the best

Over the past 20 years, Brandstand has been working with some of the biggest global names in display. In that time we have cemented relationships and created robust processes that drive our procurement. This combination ensures we deliver on time and on budget for all our projects. Whether purchasing off-the-shelf or pushing the boundaries with unique designs and solutions, you can rest assured that what we design, we can deliver. Our supplier relationships are built with a collaborative approach – we work together to deliver fresh solutions, great design and innovative display systems.

Ensuring quality

We’re not embarrassed to say that many of our products come from China because we know that this actually means we’re selling the very best and most innovative display and exhibition products in the world. We invest time in meeting, vetting and developing a relationship with all our suppliers. We set strict guidelines around quality of fabrics and materials used, knowing that we need to use the best to perform in New Zealand’s unique conditions.

Behind the best products sits a manufacturing infrastructure. Many of us have no idea about product origins, but simply purchase on price. At Brandstand, we take a stand on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and make a point of taking those responsibilities seriously. What does this mean for us and our clients? We visit the factories that we source from before importing their goods. We’re looking to ensure they are providing a safe working environment, that they are using sustainable work ethics and that they are taking their employment responsibilities seriously. If we’re happy, then our clients can also be happy that they have purchased from the right supplier, for all the right reasons.

It’s this complete trust in our supply chain, and the very low incidents of hardware failure, that enables us to offer some of the best extended warranties in the country, not seen from many other suppliers.

CSR in China

Delivering excellence

As leaders in the NZ display industry, we take our responsibilities seriously. From sourcing to procurement, through to project management and logistics, we ensure our clients get the very best service available. With in-house design and all our services under one roof, we’re well placed to deliver your next exciting display and exhibition project. So get in touch today or check out our website.

Exhibition displays with a difference

In our industry we know the importance of standing out from the crowd. But it’s all too easy to blend in when it comes to large exhibition halls, like the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre. So we decided to take a look around the globe to see what types of exhibition stands really stood out, and then bring them to you to show what can be done.

Retro Exhibition Stand

Creating that WOW effect with different materials is one way to get attention. This corrugated iron ‘container’ stand with its bold colours and workshop style lighting creates interest and intrigue from the outset. It makes people want to stop and look inside.  

Krispy Krunchy Chicken

This American stand is impactful for two reasons. The 20 by 30 foot mock rustic barn certainly makes an impact with its height elevation and the simulation to the brands retail stores which creates an authentic air that people are drawn too.

SB Tech Exhibition Dome

SB Tech took a creative stance when it came to delivering their exhibition stand. Being an award-winning sports betting company it made perfect sense to create a sports dome with a grass pitch flooring and flood lights. A clever design that has presence due to its volume and size, and affinity to the sporting world.

Brandstand exhibitions

Endutex Coated Technical Textiles

Historically, Endutex have always had a traditional exhibition stand that would have blended in with many competitors. But last year in Madrid they created a stand that was designed around an Irish Pub. The unusual theme for a textiles company not only enabled them to showcase their coated textiles and show off their interior design skills it also created intrigue and drew more people in.

90 Fabric Street


In contrast this stand is very open and simple with its clean lines and contemporary finishing, but what sets it apart are the six enormous sky banner lights. These lights not only highlight the furniture and create ‘zones’ beneath them, but also provide significant real estate for branding as well as a point of reference for consumers to come and visit the stand in a sea of exhibitors.



Not all stands need to be expensive but it helps if they can be creative or have a point of difference. Adaptil took the approach that most people love dogs, so by creating a stand with a dog as the focal point they knew it would pull in the punters!

Adaptil Exhibition Stand

Looking at all these stands we can see that one of the main differentiating factors is creativity and being able to think outside the box. Being different and producing a stand that is outside the traditional parameters can be worth its weight in gold in attracting consumers.

At Brandstand we have over 30 years of experience in the display industry. Working alongside our sister company, Brand Productions, we are well placed to produce not only a stand that will stand the test of time but will also draw in the crowds and deliver a good return on your investment.

Home Show 2016

Home Shows have been through many lifecycles and stages of development, but if the Auckland Home Show was anything to go by, they’re still very much of interest to New Zealanders.

This year saw yet more growth with visitor numbers averaging 48,000 over the 5 days. And these numbers are not just fueled by the general public; the Auckland Home Show attracts a number of ‘trade” visitors and offers exhibitors b2b opportunities.

Brandstand has been involved with the Auckland Home Show event for many years, assisting several customers in creating and setting up a stand. This year we were especially proud to be involved in Assa Abloy’s showpiece stand – marketing their Yale locks and home security solutions.

Yale Exhibition Stand

The Auckland Home Show saw 512 exhibitors setting up and running their stands, so the competition to stand out in the crowds is immense. The show cannot actually take any more exhibitors, it’s at capacity, and therefore it’s up to companies like Brandstand to create bigger, better stands that deliver a richer engagement for the visitor and maximise floor space. The event will not grow from more exhibitors but instead from more visitors having an incredible time, engaging with brands and learning about their products.

Often, at Brandstand, we’re asked to develop a stand that focuses attention on one hero product. In the case of Assa Abloy though, the brief was different. They have a broad product range and all of it needed to be presented equally within a confined space.

The Assa Abloy stand is a complete bespoke designed stand, that towers above those around it due to it’s height but also delivers a rich engagement with fully functioning product examples as well as interactive screens that deliver key messaging. As well as being visually engaging this stand tells a product story. Integrating the hardware into real home situations allows visitors to interact with the product and picture it in their own home. The stand architecture inspires them and connects with their own home environment.  Visitors can navigate the stand unaccompanied and learn a great deal. Add in some key exhibition staff and the engagement transforms into real sales opportunities.

Yale Homeshow 2016

Not everything has to be bespoke though, and this year we delivered an incredible stand for Galaxy Spas. It used fabric walls, as a backdrop to their products, to deliver amazing graphics that inspired product engagement. The stand was a huge success and the fabric walls will continue to serve for many years to come.

Galaxy Spas

The next Auckland Home Show is Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th September 2017. Although 2016 exhibitors get first-right-of-refusal, you could still be in with a chance to get in on this great exhibition if you plan early.

If you are planning to attend we would love the chance to talk to you about your stand and see how we can help. Please give us a call on 0800 10 99 88 or email

Creativity in Exhibition and Conference Stand Design

Creative for exhibitions and conferences must have at it’s heart an understanding of the outcomes required of it.

Fonterra Brandstand NZ

The design of a stand should generate multiple touch points and engagement with the visitors. Driving participation in the stand content of varying degrees of duration and depth on involvement. Without this the stand remains unmemorable and the brand experience forgotten falling short of the exhibitor’s objectives and goals.

We use several options to deliver stand engagement, which broadly come under the objectives of Encourage, Enable and Guide.

Hands-On Learning

Provide digital tools to encourage further brand immersion – an iPad for instance linked to further product knowledge or digital | web assets.

Product Handling

Often stand visitors need to touch and feel the products on display, which can require the development of tactile component or experience.

Finding innovative ways of displaying clients feature products on a stand requires some clever lateral thinking as well as saying dialed in to the “qualitative” expedience around the product.

Visitors need to feel action and hear the clunk of their door locks and get a sense of how secure they are.

Brandstand NZ - DeLaval Exhibition Stand

DeLaval Exhibition stand

Brand Experience

With a selection of stands all fighting for presence, clients often ask us to ensure they stand out from the crowd. We create unique brand experiences and introduce game-play and activities into our stands to ensure a memorable interaction between stand, brand and visitor.

Commercial Discussion

For some clients, an exhibition stand is where deals are brokered. Participation is face to face and requires a longer engagement time, discussing sensitive topics. For these, more private and seated space is important – an oasis away from the crowds and noise of most event halls.

Designing for an exhibition, conference or event is not like designing for a poster or an ad campaign. It requires a special set of skills that combine 3D design, large format artwork production, good knowledge of printing processes and a solid understanding of stand materials.

Designing in 3D

At Brandstand, we’ve been creating exhibition stands for not only some of New Zealand’s biggest brands, but global brands too. Coke turned to the Brandstand team when they needed a solution for a mall activation. Heineken came to us when they needed to stand out at the Rugby World Cup. Agencies and brands alike realise that design for exhibitions is a specialised area and one that requires a specific type of designer with very specific skills and experience.

Often an exhibition designer will be a mix of graphic designer and interior designer, understanding the nuances of flooring whilst at the same time suggesting the placing and type of lighting that should be used on a stand.

Cadbury Demo Table - Brandstand NZ

Scamps drawn up for Cadbury Marvellous Creations


Designing experiential and exhibition stands has to be a mix of pure creativity mixed with a good dash of practicality. Often the briefs we receive have very clear deliverables. It would be easy to design the most incredible solutions but if the brief asks that the solution fits into the back of a car, then we must build this requirement into our design and tailor our solutions accordingly. It’s this ‘real world’ practicality that has won us many fans over the years, and explains why clients like Fonterra keep coming back to us.

Portable Displays Brandstand NZ


Often our designers need to consider the flow of people around a stand, and take into account key messaging and where it should appear within an exhibition stand to drive maximum effect. When we design an exhibition stand we must consider where it will appear and how it will be used.

In order for design to be effective, we need to know the objectives that it’s trying meet. For instance, are we trying to push volume through the stand or do we need to spend quality time with a few key individuals? This will affect where and how we include meeting areas.

On a corner site vs a centre site, people will flow around the stand very differently. As designers, are we happy to accept free movement and flow, or do we need to design a user journey into the stand layout, forcing behaviour through design and build?

Brandstand has over 20 years of experience in creating and producing exhibition and event stands that deliver to agreed objectives, on time and on budget.


Exhibition Flow - Brandstand NZ


Any project starts with talking (and often a coffee too!). We ask plenty of questions and our clients explain their needs. Sometimes we might upset the status-quo a little, play devil’s advocate even, so that by the end we’re all happy with the brief and all on the same page with the task ahead.


Our Creative team works either direct with the client, or in some instances direct with the client’s marketing agency, to create initial designs and mock-ups. Once we’re agreed on an approach then we complete the production of scaled 3D CAD drawings that properly provide view of the final stand. These provide the very best insight into how the final stand will appear, and include details of materials and specs to be used.

3D CAD Drawings available by Brandstand

Example of a 3D CAD Drawing


Once the CAD drawings are signed off then the stand moves into production. Brandstand’s designers work closely with our Production and in-house Print teams, all overseen by the project manager. Timescales are agreed, key milestones signed off and then the stand begins to happen. Our designers produce all the required artwork files for print, and then our production team apply them to the stand materials, where required and as per the CAD drawings.

Our designers often need to work with large format artwork, manipulating it for various materials, such as metals and fabrics, and understand how different colours will be represented across various materials. This is important if the final look of the stand is going to be consistent and true to brand guidelines – never is this more important than with large global brands.

So as you can see creativity is a lot more than just thinking outside of the box and at Brandstand we certainly have the skills and experience to produce a display that works for you and your requirements.


It would be crazy to design an exhibition stand without taking into account various measures for success. As part of our stand design process, we build in KPIs and ROI measures so we and our clients know whether the stand has delivered on it’s original brief.

How times have changed?

Our world is forever changing around us and it’s hard to keep up with technology, new products and ways of conducting business. So what has changed in the exhibition and display industry and is it for the better?

The Stand

The Past – Companies would have to store their huge stand in a warehouse, then have it delivered to an event by a haulage company. Once delivered, it would take four people to erect it over the course of two days, before finally being ready to meet customers. Oh how things have changed….

The Present – In today’s world we book online, grab the durable carry case which contains your exhibition stand, load it into your car and drive to the show. The stand is assembled in 10 minutes and the new graphics you had printed look great.

The Outcome – Changes in technology mean that today’s stands are lighter weight and cheaper than their predecessors, using aluminium framing and printed fabric walls. They’re much more innovative too, using materials which can be moulded into any shape, thereby creating a totally bespoke design. These new stands are easier to maintain and store, as the fabric walls can be machine washed and all the elements packs down into small bags..

The Conclusion: A definite WIN for the industry.Brandstand NZ - Dulux Stand

The Experience

The Past – Shows have always been about showcasing products and services to the industry and the general public. A simple demonstration table with a sample of your product and maybe a money-off coupon was the norm.

The Present – Now the norm is all about the experience you give your customer and whether it’s tweet worthy or not. Brands need to think out of the box and create a stand that welcomes in the customer and takes them through a journey that they will remember long after the show. It’s about designing your stand around technology and the product.

Brandstand NZ - El PasoThe Outcome – It’s simply not enough to just have your product on show or give a free sample. People expect more and they want to become part of the experience by seeing how the product is made or being able to try it – this maybe through an iPad App or the actual product itself. People need to be able to experience with their senses so they can remember.

The Conclusion: A definite WIN if you get it right.

The Goals

The Past – Having a presence at a show was often goal enough. Being able to network with a few buddies, have a couple of days out of the office and of course a few beers in the evening. As long as you had a few leads to follow up on then it was deemed a good effort.

The Present – Having a presence is one thing but having a clear set of goals and deliverables is what is expected of any stand today. The ROI is crucial to most companies and it’s not solely about sales. It’s about networks, transactions, learning and creating loyalty.

The Outcome: For an exhibition to be deemed successful, the end goal has to be about building loyal, consistent, repeat business customers. In order to do this successfully a set of initial goals needs to be addressed and once achieved, maintained to keep these customers coming back.

The Conclusion: A WIN

So, looking at the display and exhibition industry it does appear to have given us some tools to make our life easier. Sure we may have a few more deliverables and have to think outside the box but new technology and materials available certainly make building an impressive stand achievable.

At Brandstand, we have been in the display industry for over 10 years and we have a wealth of knowledge to help you create that perfect stand. So the next time you dust off your exhibition stand, stop and remember that there is another way. Pick up the phone and call us, we can advise you on the best options available for your needs and budget.

Freephone: 0800 10 99 88




Get it right first time with your staff.   

You have spent money on getting to the tradeshow or fieldays, you have a great stand with vivid graphics and a ‘stop you in your tracks’ marketing message, so now you need to see some ROI. What’s that down to – luck, your products or your staff?

Well to be honest it’s probably a little bit of each, this is your golden opportunity to showcase the unique services and products only you can provide. Hundreds of people will visit your booth to gain insights into what sets you apart from the competition so make sure your exhibition booth staff don’t let you down.

Here are some quick tips to make sure your staff are as effective as possible:

Brandstand Blog - StaffKnowledge is Power

Take the time to ensure all your staff understand the services and/or products you are selling. There is nothing worse, as a consumer, than talking to a member of staff who is fumbling around the subject as they clearly have very little knowledge or simply do not understand the product. It’s awkward and it will probably cost you a sale.

Each booth member should be completely confident on the services you offer and should be able to give in-depth knowledge on what is being exhibited and how product demo’s are to be conducted.

Determine your Etiquette

Understanding who your target market is for a tradeshow or fieldays, is key to success. The etiquette of your staff should correspond to the clientele you are hoping to attract. Products aimed at business executives will require a different etiquette to those aimed at farmers or children. Ensure your staff understand this and are able to connect on the same level to gain interest and maybe even a sale.

Attitude and Presentation

You will need to determine what approach your company will be taking on your booth and ensure everyone has bought into it. This approach is often determined by what you are selling. For instance, you may be all about presenting demos and products in a professional, concise manner or it maybe you want to be seen as a fun loving company and your products are about enjoying life to the max. Whatever you decide upon, ensure your staff are ‘fit for purpose’ and not only look the part but their attitude is pitched perfectly.

Brandstand BlogAs with all tradeshows there are certain rules that you have to abide by so make sure your staff knows about yours. It maybe obvious to you but for some staff, standing with their hands in their pockets and chewing gum is perfectly acceptable behaviour on your stand. It is often best if you just spell it out at a team briefing so you know that they have all been told. Things to include are:

  1. No hands in pockets
  2. No fidgeting with your hands
  3. No chewing gum
  4. No folded arms
  5. No slouching at a table
  6. No talking/surfing on the phone

Lead Generation

All staff should have a target to shoot for such as acquiring a set number of leads or interactions per hour. This target should be achievable and it maybe worth having an added incentive for the best staff member on the booth. With this in mind it’s not a bad idea to get your staff to rehearse dialogue, practise answering typical questions and performing demonstrations with you and each other. Time spent getting it right is time well spent.

Brief and Debrief

After months of planning for this show it’s important that all your staff are singing off the same hymn sheet. Don’t just give them a briefing sheet and hope they read it, make sure you take time to sit down with all your staff before the event and go through what is important. Ensure they understand their targets, the product/services and the brand they are representing. Make them feel an important part of your business and show your appreciation for them.Brandstand - staff briefing

It’s all too easy to get sucked into the set-up of your stand, and not spend time with your staff. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your events/display company manage the set up, freeing you up to focus on staff training/briefing.

Afterwards, make sure you take the time to have a proper debrief. It’s ok to head to the bar and celebrate but before you do, take 20 mins to sit down with your staff and have a conversation regarding what went well and areas for improvement. This debrief does not have to wait until the end of the third day, do it every night so if something is not working on day one you can get it fixed ready for day two.

Brandstand nzAt the end of the show, always make sure you show your appreciation to your staff because without them your booth would not have been a success. Share some figures with them over lead generation or sales and if you did have an incentive for the best staff member then make sure you present the prize to the lucky person at the show. This way everyone sees that you keep your promises and can see that the show was a success.

If you need any advice regarding your exhibition requirements then give us a call, our expert sales team will be more than happy to help or arrange a no obligation visit to the showroom and get inspired. Call us now on 0800 10 99 88.

The Superwall Display System has arrived.

Our new Superwall Display System sets the benchmark in flexibility and portability. Finally, create the stand YOU want and imagined without the constraints of a modular system and magnetic graphics panels. Now you can have any shape you want, any height you want and any graphics you want. All your display needs can be catered for in one system.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall


The SuperWall display system has arrived and is changing the way we build and create display stands. Remember how you used to have to match up the panels on your display walls to get them all straight? No longer necessary. Remember how you used to worry about scuffing your panels and how expensive they were to replace and keep clean? No longer an issue. Remember how you used to have to work your design into the panel system you were buying into, and when you turned up at a conference, all the others stands looked similar? Not any more.

We ‘re so confident in the construction of these stands that they all come with a 5 year hardware warranty.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Exhibition stand

5 Reasons to Choose the SuperWall Display System

There’s 5 reasons why choosing the Superwall Display System is the sensible choice.

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconsuper lightweight

The future of large affordable marketing displays is here.

The Superwall Display System is built with simple and lightweight aluminium tubing that’s incredibly strong. It’s also a snap lock system so no need to drag your tool box with you! Over the top of the tubing goes a wrinkle resistant polyester fabric graphic print. This is unobtrusively zipped into place in order to get tension all around the fabric. The end result is a flat, wrinkle free look that really stands out from the crowd.

All the display elements are supplied in a heavy duty bag, so it’s easy to transport and simple to keep all the parts together. And if you trade up to a hard shipping case, then the case actually doubles as a branded podium too!

Being so lightweight also means these display stands are unbelievably easy to put up and dismantle. It literally takes only minutes to snap together the frame and then pull over the fabric sleeve.

In the old days your spider frame magnetic display wall weighed around 40kg, but with the New Superwall Display System, that’s more like 10kg! That means cheaper freight, easier installation, and a whole lot less stress!

Brandstand NZ - Iconsinterchangeable machine washable fabric graphics

Get that brand new look every time.

The Superwall Display System uses fabric graphics panels which can be washed after every use; they’ll still look fresh and new, even after a year of use. Literally pull the fabric out the bag and throw it in the washing machine on a cold wash. Or better still, take it down to the laundrette for a service wash!

Because they’re fabric, repairs and small nicks can be repaired easily and quickly by us.

Brandstand NZ - Iconsenvironmentally friendly

Exhibition and eco friendly

Be happy that the System you’ve chosen is as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • it’s lightweight and easily transportable, cutting down on freight costs and your carbon footprint
  • it’s printed using a dye-sublimation process which is recognised globally as the most eco-friendly printing process
  • it’s washable and re-usable year after year, so your small carbon footprint is at least spread over many years of use
  • we light up your stand with low draw LED lights

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconflexible & modular system

A solution for all your needs.

In the past your imagination tended to be constrained by modular display systems, but those days are gone. Our new Superwall Display System features both off-the-shelf and custom options, so you can create anything you like. We simply cut and bend the aluminium framing to the shape you need, then cut and sew the fabric to that shape, before printing your graphics. Take a look at some of our recent case studies to see the limitless possibilities.

We have a huge range of off the shelf fabric components and options, so it’s easy to find the right solution.

  • various wall sizes and shapes
  • various counter sizes and shapes
  • single or double sided print options
  • various LED lighting options
  • storage case options which double as counters or podiums
  • multimedia display options, with integrated TV mounts and iPad display options

Our fabric graphics panels can all be printed on both sides, so no need for your stand to be shy and stand against a wall! Enjoy the freedom of exhibiting in the best areas, not merely the areas that are suitable to your stand design.

We all know things change over time, so when you need to change out some of the graphics, we simply print the fabric again, ready to fit over your existing framing. It’s a really cost effective way to invest in a stand, but keep the content up to date and fresh. Check out our special offer too!

Brandstand NZ - Superwall Iconhigh impact graphics

You want your display stand to stop people in their tracks, you want it to make an impact. The new Superwall Display System is one of the most impactful displays we’ve ever seen, and here’s why.

  • the panels and walls can be made very tall, so you can own your stand space
  • we have the option to use flat or curved walls, or even create a bespoke finish, so you can fit your space effectively but also differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • all the stand elements you use are consistent in look and feel, so the overall effect is stunning
  • the fabric printing process we use is simply incredible, so your message really pops out
  • the wide choice of lighting options mean we can deal with even the trickiest of venues

The Choice is yours.

The SuperWall Display system consists of an incredible range of items, shapes and sizes. Take for instance our Display Walls. You have the following options available to you:

Corners – choose from radial or square corners

Top – choose from curved or straight top edges

Shape – choose from s shaped, concave, convex, extra long, or simply straight.

If we look at complete exhibition solutions then you can choose from a vast array of set-ups and accessories. One solution provides many options because various modules that make up the full stand can be used in various ways.

The SuperWall system comes with perhaps New Zealand’s widest array of accessories, allowing you to build and integrate all the elements you need into your stand. Or relax in the knowledge that you can continue to invest and grow your stand over time, as your needs change, using a system that is consistent throughout all elements.

Just Imagine. A truly CUSTOM display.

The SuperWall System lends itself to bespoke creations. We can cut fabric and bend aluminium to create a very personalised, bespoke display, whilst still keeping it incredibly lightweight and easy to transport.

With the Superwall Display System we can create almost anything. So talk to us, show us what you’re after, and we’ll deliver it; on budget, on time and just as you imagined it.

It’s a simple journey, but an important one to get right.

first | We listen, and talk, and listen some more. It’s important to fully understand what it is your thinking of and what it is your trying to do with your display stand.

second | We brief our designers so that we can take all those words and turn them into a picture, because we all know that a picture tells a thousand words. We work with some amazing 3d designers to create our display and exhibition stands, because it’s important to understand the movement of people through the stand and the journey they are being taken on. 3d designers understand lighting, engineering and functionality, unlike a graphic designer.

third | We project manage the production, the graphic artwork and then the installation, keeping it all on time AND in budget.

We’d love to show you our stands and demonstrate just how amazing they are.

Call us now on 0800 10 99 88.

How to prepare for a trade show


Brandstand Blog - Trade shows

Exhibiting at a trade show often represents a significant investment for companies, but one which usually delivers incredible ROI, when done properly. Here’s our guide to preparing for a trade show, and exhibiting properly.

Think First

It’s a big investment so make sure you’ve thought about it. Understand why you’re attending this specific show and what you intend to get out of it. Make sure the attendance data backs up your targeting criteria. Look at attendance rates and be reasonable in any sales estimates you make.

If you still want to go ahead, then sign up early and make the most of early bird discounts!


It’s easy to think you need a huge floor area, and even easier to be sold into a larger area by the trade show organisers. In our opinion, its better to go smaller but invest in looking good and in the follow up, post show.

With the new fabric display stands, like our SuperWall system, it’s so much easier to transport and set up a stand – a smaller stand space means you can set up your area in minutes and transport all your gear in the back of the car.

By investing in the look and feel of your stand, you’ll be sending out all the right messages about your company/brand AND you’ll be more likely to attract people to stop and talk.

Talk to us about designing a stand that makes the very most of the floor area you have hired, delivers a consistent brand message and ensures that your objectives are met.


Brandstand - target marketUnderstand who you are targeting before you arrive at the trade show. Be clear about this and consider ways to quickly move away from time-wasters. You’ve spent quite a bit of time, energy and dollars to be at this show, so make sure you maximise the opportunity. Be sure to brief all the staff working on the stand about who you’re targeting and the importance of staying focused on this.

Consistent messaging/identity

Agree your key messaging and then ensure that it is given consistency throughout your stand design. We work with a lot of clients and designers to ensure this, because we understand how it pays dividends in foot traffic to your stand.

Staffing your stand

Just because someone works for you, doesn’t mean they want to be standing on a trade show stand all weekend. Be sure those you ask to help out on the stand are committed and motivated. If in doubt, pay an agency to provide staff and brief them well. Brandstand works with a number of agencies who all offer high quality staff, and we’re happy to make recommendations or organise on your behalf.

Brandstand - Success imageMeasurement

Plan how you’re going to measure success. Find ways to measure the number of visitors to your stand and perhaps grade the warmth of the leads gained, including any sales data. The latter always helps to justify the investment and provides a target/baseline for following years.


Marketing – CRM/Social/pr

These days, this is absolutely crucial to your success. Be sure to tell your existing and potential customer’s that your attending and then give them an invitation to visit. Perhaps include an Brandstand - Social network imageincentive too, even if it’s just the promise of a coffee.

Be sure to highlight your attendance on all your social media channels and work with the trade show organisers to utilise their channels too. Next, be sure to write some PR releases and send these to any complementary trade media, again inviting/incentivising people to come to your stand.


Post Show Plan

The post show plan is where the money is made. Collect all your data and then follow up. Devise a CRM programme for all those that came to your stand – convert cold leads to warm leads and hot leads to sales. Be sure to continue measuring your success in driving sales even after the show, if you feel the success was attributable to attendance.

Too Hard

Brandstand - No timeOf course, for many of our customers they would rather someone else organise their stand, either due to time constraints or because they realise that it’s a specialist area.  In those cases the job goes out to one of their agencies or directly to us. At Brandstand, we can manage all your requirements, right through from initial design to installation, transportation and also storage. We’ll even organise the staffing if you need us to!

And if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke and custom made for your next trade show, then look no further than Brandstand Bespoke.


Future trends in exhibitions & events

IAEE LogoIn 2013 the International Association of Exhibitions and Events shared their insights on the future trends that would impact the global exhibition and events industry. It makes for interesting reading, so we thought we’d highlight the best bits here, so you don’t have to read the whole thing!


Younger people are now organising and attending exhibitions,bringing with them an understanding of and requirement for newer technology and social media integration. The modern trade show has become a technologically advanced event, because exhibitors and attendees demand it.

Learning: Ensure a good generational breadth of staff on your stand to appeal to a more diverse audience, and thereby ensure you have different skill sets on hand.

Research, Data & Reporting

Big_data_cartoon_t_gregoriusWe all know that exhibitions deliver some great ROI statistics, but marketers are coming under increasing pressure to prove it, so they’re looking to exhibition organisers to qualify their ROI with attendance data and post exhibition sales metrics. Exhibitors need more information than they ever did previously before deciding to attend an exhibition, including attendee demographics and attendee post research findings from previous’ years. Exhibitors also need to capture data during events to grow the data pool available and provide additional insights and learnings. Learning: Ensure you have clear data capture processes on your stand, whether simple business card collection, promotions or more elaborate online, touchscreen solutions. Collect all the data you can from your own stand, as well as overlaying all the data from the organisers. We have several standalone iPad stand options and we can also build them into any displays, plinths or walls. Check out our other blog post featuring ways to collect data.


Technology could be seen as a threat to exhibitions as more companies invest in online Webinars to talk to their audience. Certainly exhibition organisers must now integrate mobile and cloud computing into their offering, with free WIFI a given but also having IT specialists on hand to keep everything running smoothly. Wireless apps have taken the place of paper in not only capturing information and but also engaging with attendees at the stand.

Learning: Make sure the event organiser has IT specialists around to assist with your set up. And if not, make sure you have an IT specialist as part of your set-up crew!

Social Media Marketing

Social media is already having a profound effect on business in general, and the same is true of the exhibition industry. Exhibition organisers must now leverage all the platforms as part of their exhibition or event planning, embracing ‘live’ twitter feeds to gather sentiment as well as marketing events through LinkedIn and Facebook. Video is growing in importance and we see cameramen and interviewers at work collecting footage for use by exhibitors and for upload to You Tube.

Learning: Use your social media channels and the event organisers’ channels to market your stand and your attendance at the show. Use these channels to provide a reason to come and visit your stand.

Year Round Communities

With the rise in social media, big events and exhibitions are no longer a once-a-year moment but have a voice and a brand presence throughout the year, participating in social media communities, offering their expert commentary and speaking as the voice of the industry they showcase just once a year.

Learning: Ask and research what the event organisers are doing throughout the year to market themselves and establish expertise in the market.

Experiential Trade Show

The ‘experience’ that attendees have at a show is growing in importance. Advances in technology enable exhibitors to provide ever more elaborate experiences, but as a consequence the event’s IT infrastructure becomes ever more critical. The ‘experience’ factor is moving from an art to a science, backed up by research and that all important data.

Learning: Consider what experience you will be giving your stand visitors. Will your stand be memorable and will it attract the right audience?

Non-Attendee Engagement

Non attendees represent big business for many exhibitions, and so they must grab content toGoogle-adwords-logo-1 share with those that couldn’t make it and continue to keep them informed through social media and email marketing. Investing in Google Adwords can uncover new audiences that were previously non-attendees.

Learning: Invest in Google Adwords to attract your audience and keep those that couldn’t make it informed.


There is always a fear that as exhibitors move towards a more technology orientated stand, the need for and importance of face to face marketing will diminish. It’s important that exhibitors invest in the right people to manage their stands if they’re to deliver sales and ROI.

Learning: Don’t just ask for volunteers to man your stand, but choose the right people with the right qualities and then keep an eye on them throughout the event. Take a look at our blog article on staffing your stand here

Internet Connectivity

wifiEvent and exhibition venues will be measured increasingly on their IT infrastructure and ability to consistently service the growing needs of a techno crowd.

Learning: As an exhibitor, ask questions of the event organiser and of the event venue to ensure it can meet your needs.