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Acoustic Optimised Design Solutions for Commercial Spaces.

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Acoustic Wall Solutions

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Acoustic Wall Solutions

Our Acoustic Wall Solutions can be wall mounted or stand-alone, depending on your space and requirements. Available in a choice of colours and finishes, these panels deliver an amazing modern look whilst also helping to alleviate acoustic issues. For complete bespoke solutions, talk to us today about how we can print your designs onto many of these panels, so they become dual-purpose wall graphics and a complete acoustic solution.

Contact one of our Specialists today, so we can provide complimentary advice on how to improve your acoustics, as well as email a quote based on your requirements. Don't put up with terrible sound quality - you'll be surprised how cost-effective it is to fix and how the solution can enhance your environment visually and audibly!

Raised Exhibition Flooring

Improve Focus and Productivity with Sound Absorbing Desk Dividers

Maximise Noise Reduction With Acoustic Desk Solutions

There are many good things about an open-plan office, but perhaps the least favourite is the issue of sound and its effect on concentration levels. Our Acoustic Desk Solutions help to reduce localised sound levels by placing an acoustic panel around each desk or at least across the back of each desk. These panels can be custom printed to work with your interior design or choose from a wide selection of off-the-shelf colours. 

Talk to our Specialists about what solutions are available to you in your budget and how easy these are to attach to any desk-type. Don't put up with that 'loud' person in the office any longer! 

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Enhance Your Space with Our Range of Acoustic Ceiling Solutions

Effective Sound Absorption with Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are an effective way to absorb sound and make a room less full of echo. We offer several ceiling solutions, including basic panels and more bespoke artistic modern solutions that work as art and acoustic solutions. 

Talk to our Specialists about your issues and we will then quote a solution. Plus our team of installers can fit your ceiling panels at a time that suits you, with minimum disruption. 


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We can help you to find a solution to your Acoustic issues. Please complete the form below, so one of our specialists can get in touch, matching your budget and requirements to our acoustic solutions.