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Sending Artwork

We want to make sending your artwork as easy as possible. If you need help then please contact us and we'll help you through the process. You MUST advise us once you have sent your artwork.

Please read our required artwork specifications prior to sending.

YouSendIt YouSendit Dropbox Email E-Mail Email Courier
Upload your really large files which are too big to email here. YouSendit supports PC or Mac computers and files up to 2Gb in size. We recommend you Zip (compress) your files to speed up the transfer.
Go to Dropbox

If your digital files are less than 8 Mb total then email them to us. If your files are over 8 Mb then use our upload server.
Click here
for our email address.


Yes it's old fashioned and slower but that suits many people just fine. Click here for our address details and don't forget to let us knows it's coming!

Are your artwork files too large or slow to send?

File Size

The most common cause of overly large files we find is from clients who have created their artwork at a resolution that is higher than the printing method requires. This makes the file size far greater than otherwise needed. Feel free to contact us and we can advise you on what is the ideal resolution to set your artwork to.

File Compression

Compression software can conveniently bundle a collection of files into one file, and reduce the total file size which will reduce the transfer time. This can be done natively within Windows 7 or by downloading Zip software such as Winzip below.

WinzipWinzip Compression software : Winzip (.zip) allows multiple digital files of any type to be compressed into one single file. This file can then be uncompressed by the recipient.