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Dye-Sublimated Fabric Graphics

The Eco-Friendly, innovative solution for Portable, Exhibition and Outdoor Displays!

Fabric Graphics

BrandStand is New Zealand’s leading display company when it comes to incorporating Dye-sublimated fabric graphics into portable, outdoor and exhibition displays. The properties of our high quality yarn fabrics and the Dye sublimated printing process allow us to design products that are always evolving and allow you to stand out from the crowd with unique products.

Printing on to fabric using the Dye-Sublimation printing process also ensures a colour fast, detailed and vibrant result. It is also bio-degradable and leaves very little residue in the environment (unlike PVC and other traditional banner materials).

» Find out more about the Environmental Advantages of using Dye Sublimated Fabric.

The advantages of using fabric

Fabric Prints

  • Fabric can be folded up – it doesn’t need to be rolled into cumbersome and large cardboard tubes for transport & storage. It is therefore ideal for displays that are frequently being transported nationally and internationally.
  • Due to its conformability and flexibility fabric is ideal for short run or “one off” eye catching designs with curves and other eye catching effects.
  • Washable – if fabric prints get dirty simply wash them! They won’t lose colour.
  • Lightweight, lower volume and therefore less expensive to ship
  • No risk of creases, kinks or damage (unlike traditional banner materials). This means fewer replacements!
  • No curl on the edges of your valuable graphic print

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Fabric Prints

    Due to it’s light weight and the ability to fold into a small package, fabric prints are considerably more energy efficient when transported than the heavy traditional banner vinyls – which often need to be packaged in high volume tubes. Your organisation’s “Carbon Footprint” can therefore be significantly reduced - particularly when sending replacement or interchangeable graphics to multiple locations.
  • Fabrics “compactness” also means it takes up very little storage space.

Fabric Display Stand


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