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Software and Solutions for your Digital Multimedia

Brandstand has a team of Digital Specialists that can design, develop and activate your digital experiences, whether simply on-screen, touch screen or more in-depth solutions like VR and AR.

Virtual reality experiences are something that are becoming more common at exhibitions, events and trade shows. They not only attract customers onto your stand but they are also a great talking point and something that customers will share after the event. If you are interested in running a virtual reality experience for your clients but don't know where to start?  Talk to us!

Here are a few examples of how VR can be used to great effect:

  • An apartment developer wants prospective buyers to be able to take a virtual walk through their apartments, even before construction has begun.
  • Training users in a specific field, such as surgery, driving or flying.
  • Helping users overcome specific phobias.
  • "Transporting" users to a specific location - such as a beach or party - whilst they are sampling a particular drink in the real world.
  • VR requires a high level of programming as the user needs to be immersed in an entire artificial world.  This requires advanced programming skills, and where required it can easily be designed to integrate with your brand.

It seems harder and harder to draw people into your area at an exhibition or tradeshow, but with a well designed augmented reality experience it can be one of the most effective ways to attract attention and communicate a message that is consistent with your brand.

What is augmented reality?  In simple terms, it involves taking a "real" image such as you looking at yourself in front of a screen, and combines that with an augmented image such as a beach background.  In this case what you see is a live image of yourself on the screen, but it is as if you are standing on a beach.

Sometimes it's not enough to simply have an exhibition stand, often we need something to draw in the crowds, something that is interactive and engaging. That's where a photobooth can provide entertainment that is exciting, different and 'shareable' on social networks.

At Brandstand we can build a photobooth solution that can work in any number of ways, such as with a direct link to a printer, the opportunity to instantly upload to Instagram or Facebook, or to send a message of support to someone else.  Customising a solution to suit your specific requirements is easy.

Often a photobooth will feature a customised backdrop, either in the form of a pre-printed image or a portable green screen.

Combining your photobooth software with the right kind of hardware is important, so work with us to come up with a solution that's right for YOU! 

If you need a big screen to act as an extension of your laptop or other device, then we have a simple solution for you which allows you to run your own presentation on-screen. Simply connect through either a cable (typically HDMI, USB or VGA) or through a wireless dongle. Either way, the solution is straightforward and very easy to use.

As the requirements are straightforward we will typically combine this with a digital flat panel or even a regular TV, depending on your specific requirements. Talk to us about what you need to achieve and we'll come up with a solution to suit you.

One of the best ways to showcase your website is by using one of our Interactive Digital Kiosks. Not only does your target audience get to view your website they can also become interactive and navigate around it themselves.

This can be an ideal way to show your products within a trade show environment, whereby a salesperson can click through the various pages to show photos and other relevant information whilst the target audience is right there.

When we program the device for you we 'whitelist' your website, and this prevents users from clicking away to other sites or social media links that you may not want to be displayed. We can also program the device to return to 'home' after a set period of inactivity (wherever you want home to be) and even close off sections of your website if you wish.

Use our kiosks or screen to display event information, run slides or videos on a loop, or even to showcase your own apps.

Want to discuss your on-screen options?

There's no doubt that adding screens and changing content to your exhibition or event helps to cut through all the noise and helps to deliver a more interactive immersive experience to your customers. Our team can design, develop and activate your on-screen wishes using hardware that we have tried and tested in the field to ensure it works.


Branded Merchandise

As well as creating amazing display and exhibition solutions, did you know we can also source, print and deliver your branded promo merchandise solutions as part of your complete campaign? Everything you need under one roof. Now that's nice and simple, isn't it?

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We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!