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Suspended Shelving Systems - Acrylic Cubes

A dynamic way to display products, in acrylic cubes and boxes with or without lids

The retail display cubes can be suspended on a cable in a single column or they can be used to create a multiple cube display which is eye catching and great for shop windows.

The lighting is low voltage and illuminates the products perfectly to engage the consumer and increase that all important purchase sale.

The cubes can be made out of acrylic or glass to suit your needs.

Draw the eye to small valuable products with floating acrylic cubes suspended from cables to create powerful semi-secure presentations.  

The cubes are suspended on cables which can be fixed between floor and ceiling.  You can also choose cubes with an acrylic pocket at the back, into which a small poster can be dropped in order to enhance the display or to promote special offers.

Acrylic cubes suspended from the cables create powerful semi-secure presentations. The low-voltage lighting greatly increases the impact of the display and will help to increase sales.

Dimensions: 300mm high x 300mm wide x 250mm deep (150mm cable centres)

Cubes are 3mm thick acrylic, with option of 2mm thick 'U' shaped back pocket for graphics. Clear front and satin side and top. Removable lid with hole for lighting.

Low voltage straight lights (20 watt max) are supplied with all our cube kits. Position them diagonally between cables. Cubes can be placed side by side sharing a pair of cables. Only use 3 lights per pair of diagonal cables.

Included in standard cube kits:

  • 3 x Display Cubes
  • 4 x CA4 1.5mm diameter cables
  • 24 x CS13-ADC panel support to take 3mm material
  • 3 x LM64C straight light mini-lamp head for 348mm diagonal centres supplied with 20 watt - 35mm disagonal lamps
  • 1 x LT60-12 Transformer
  • 2 x CS08 power connectors
  • 4 x SP/IS bottom isolators
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