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Sustainable Eco-Friendly Display Solutions, for a Better Future. 

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Better Display Solutions for our planet

It's fair to say that the global Display Industry doesn't have the best reputation for sustainability. For too many years, we have produced many of our solutions using PVC and other plastics that end up in landfills and take many, many years to break down. But there are alternatives which can be considered. In 2024, Brandstand will focus on educating its clients on the available alternatives. We are now undertaking a broad range of ways in which to do better for our planet. We are actively changing the way we do business to deliver more sustainable, more eco-friendly solutions throughout our business.

There are many options for Zero Print Media

Zero Media can be used to replace vinyl fabrics, PVC display materials, stretch nylon fabrics, paper and card. There are now very few products that can't be replaced with a more sustainable alternative. And it's our mission to persuade you to make the change!