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How do I choose the right exhibition display for my needs?

Choosing the right exhibition stand is crucial for a successful presentation at trade shows or events. It involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure it aligns with your goals & effectively represents your brand. Here are some frequently asked questions that individuals or businesses often have when making decisions about exhibition stands:

What size of exhibition stand do I need?

    • Consider the available space at the event, your budget, and the type of products or services you are showcasing.

How can I ensure my exhibition stand aligns with my brand identity?

    • Work closely with designers to incorporate brand colours, logos, and messaging into the stand's design.

What types of exhibition stand designs are popular?

How can I make my exhibition stand stand out from the competition?

What is the ideal budget for an exhibition stand?

    • Establish a budget early in the planning process and factor in design, construction, transportation, and installation costs.

How can I ensure my exhibition stand is practical and functional?

    • Think about the flow of traffic, accessibility, storage space, and the ability to showcase products or services effectively.

Are there any restrictions or regulations for exhibition stands at specific events or venues?

    • Check with event organisers to understand any size, height, or design restrictions that may apply. Brandstand has worked extensively with Malls and Venues across NZ, take a look our Mall Marketing expertise for further information.

Should I rent or buy an exhibition stand?

    • Evaluate the frequency of your participation in events. If you attend multiple shows, owning a stand might be cost-effective, while renting can be suitable for occasional use. For further information click here!

What is the lead time for designing and building an exhibition stand?

    • Start the process well in advance to ensure ample time for design, revisions, and construction, especially for custom stands. Talk to Brandstand about our full project & campaign management to ensure you are on-time and on-budget.

How can I incorporate technology into my exhibition stand?

Can my exhibition stand be reused for different events?

    • Opt for modular or adaptable designs that can be reconfigured to fit different spaces and themes.

What kind of lighting is best for my exhibition stand?

    • Choose lighting that highlights key elements, complements your brand colors, and creates a visually appealing atmosphere.


Here are Steps to guide you in selecting the right exhibition display for your needs:

1. Define Objectives
    • Clearly outline your objectives for participating in the exhibition. Whether it's lead generation, product showcasing, or brand awareness, your display should support these goals. For a little more information, click here to see Brandstand's blog on why it's important to set exhibition objectives.
2. Understand your audience
    • Consider the preferences, interests, and demographics of your target audience. Your display should appeal to them and create a positive impression.
3. Establish Budget
    • Determine your budget for the exhibition, including booth space, design, construction, and promotional materials. This will guide your choices and help you stay within financial constraints.
4. Identify Space Requirements
    • Understand the size and layout of the exhibition space you've reserved. Your display should fit comfortably within the allocated space and maximise visibility.
5. Consider Branding & Design
    • Ensure that the display aligns with your brand identity. Choose colours, graphics, and design elements that reflect your brand image and messaging.
6. Determine Type of Display
7. Evaluate Portability & Ease of Setup
    • Consider the portability and ease of setup of the display. If you attend multiple events, a portable and easy-to-assemble option may be preferable.
8. Think about Versatility
    • Opt for a display that can be easily adapted to different event sizes or configurations. Versatility allows you to make the most of your investment.
9. Incorporate Technology
10. Prioritise Visibility
    • Choose a display that provides maximum visibility. Consider the height, placement of graphics, and use of eye-catching elements to attract attention.
11. Plan for Storage & Accessories
    • Consider storage needs for promotional materials and personal items. Additionally, plan for accessories like tables, chairs, and lighting to enhance your booth. Let Brandstand take care of your event logistics and collateral storage requirements.
12. Check Regulations & Rules
    • Familiarise yourself with the exhibition venue's regulations and rules regarding booth sizes, heights, and any restrictions. Ensure your display complies with these guidelines. Click here for some further information on marketing in shopping malls!
13. Consider Sustainability
    • If environmental responsibility is a priority, consider eco-friendly materials and sustainable options for your exhibition display.
14. Review Past Successes & Failures
    • Reflect on past exhibition experiences. Identify what worked well and what didn't to inform your choices for the current event.

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