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Our world is forever changing around us and it’s hard to keep up with technology, new products and ways of conducting business. So what has changed in the exhibition and display industry and is it for the better?

The Stand

The Past – Companies would have to store their huge stand in a warehouse, then have it delivered to an event by a haulage company. Once delivered, it would take four people to erect it over the course of two days, before finally being ready to meet customers. Oh, how things have changed….

The Present – In today’s world, we book online, grab the durable carry case which contains your exhibition stand, load it into your car and drive to the show. The stand is assembled in 10 minutes and the new graphics you had printed look great.

The Outcome – Changes in technology mean that today’s stands are lighter weight and cheaper than their predecessors, using aluminium framing and printed fabric walls. They’re much more innovative too, using materials which can be moulded into any shape, thereby creating a totally bespoke design. These new stands are easier to maintain and store, as the fabric walls can be machine washed and all the elements pack down into small bags.

The Conclusion: A definite WIN for the industry.

The Experience

The Past – Shows have always been about showcasing products and services to the industry and the general public. A simple demonstration table with a sample of your product and maybe a money-off coupon was the norm.

The Present – Now the norm is all about the experience you give your customer and whether it’s tweet-worthy or not. Brands need to think out of the box and create a stand that welcomes in the customer and takes them through a journey that they will remember long after the show. It’s about designing your stand around technology and the product.

The Outcome – It’s simply not enough to just have your product on show or give a free sample. People expect more and they want to become part of the experience by seeing how the product is made or being able to try it – this may be through aniPad App or the actual product itself. People need to be able to experience with their senses so they can remember.

The Conclusion: A definite WIN if you get it right.


The Goals

The Past – Having a presence at a show was often goal enough. Being able to network with a few buddies, have a couple of days out of the office and of course a few beers in the evening. As long as you had a few leads to follow up on then it was deemed a good effort.

The Present – Having a presence is one thing but having a clear set of goals and deliverables is what is expected of any stand today. The ROI is crucial to most companies and it’s not solely about sales. It’s about networks, transactions, learning and creating loyalty.

The Outcome: For an exhibition to be deemed successful, the end goal has to be about building loyal, consistent, repeat business customers. In order to do this successfully a set of initial goals needs to be addressed and once achieved, maintained to keep these customers coming back.

The Conclusion: A WIN

So, looking at the display and exhibition industry it does appear to have given us some tools to make our life easier. Sure we may have a few more deliverables and have to think outside the box but new technology and materials available certainly make building an impressive stand achievable.

At Brandstand, we have been in the display industry for over 10 years and we have a wealth of knowledge to help you create that perfect stand. So the next time you dust off your exhibition stand, stop and remember that there is another way. Pick up the phone and call us, we can advise you on the best options available for your needs and budget.

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We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!