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Mall Activations

Global trends in retail display

There’s probably no other industry that is going through as much evolution right now as retail. Customers are demanding more and more in terms of store layout, payment options in store, customer engagement and staff knowledge.

Smart Glass Technology in Exhibition Stands?

G-Glass technology is built to give a high impact brand experience which is not only stunning but also dynamic and impactful.

shopping mall experiential campaigns

Guide to Shopping Mall Activations in New Zealand

Activating a pop-up store, sampling or experiential campaign in a shopping mall is a well proven route to getting your brand in front of a broad range of people. Malls offer almost guaranteed foot-traffic numbers, regardless of the weather. The variety of retailers onsite provide instant redemption of offers or bounce backs for brands wishing to drive awareness, launch products  or sample.

5 Sampling/Brand Engagement Trends

So what does the future look like for Brands wanting to engage with their customers?

As one of New Zealand’s foremost providers of brand experience and sampling campaigns, we thought we would take a look.

The Changing Face of Exhibition Display

Our world is forever changing around us and it’s hard to keep up with technology, new products and ways of conducting business. So what has changed in the exhibition and display industry and is it for the better?


Supermarket sampling is a fantastic way to gain product trial and sales because it happens right at the point of purchase. Sometimes though it’s tricky to target exactly the right kind of people for your brand.

HELP! A beginner’s guide to in-store sampling

As the foremost supplier of sampling vendor trays and demonstration tables in New Zealand, we want to help you get the most you can from your in-store sampling campaign. There are a few things to consider, so here’s a helpful round-up.

Marketing in Shopping Malls – Our Top 10 tips to ensure success

Malls are a really attractive place to market your brand – full of people hanging out and leisurely shopping, looking for interesting things to stop and look at. They’re mostly inside venues, so perfect for the winter and you’re pretty much guaranteed some high foot traffic numbers!

10 Tips for Eco Friendly Exhibiting

Hopefully, everyone understands the importance of taking care of the planet we live on, in order to guarantee a wonderful future for our kids, and their families. When you’re buying household goods, most brands will jump in and tell you they’re eco-friendly at the very first opportunity! Now that makes life much easier – you can make your buying decisions quickly.

Staffing an experiential campaign

Successful experiential campaigns often rely on the staff that activates them, on the staff that actually talk to customers, the staff that engage with customers. But engage is such a neutral word – it fails to communicate the emotion required. If it was merely an engagement, then it would be sampling, perhaps even market research. Experiential is more than just sampling and takes more than just demo staff.

Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!