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Introducing LEDGO and YOUGO, our new portable Brandframe displays

Trends in technology and materials change all the time in the display industry. As a business we pride ourselves on keeping an eye on the industry and bringing new display products to New Zealand. We would like to introduce our latest portable displays, LEDGO and YOUGO.

The rise in SEG displays

Globally we are seeing more and more companies using Silicone Edge Graphics [SEG], or soft graphics, to create super-easy to set up fabric displays. It makes sense, given that these fabric panels don’t need zips or other fastenings to maintain the stretch of the fabric. SEG display units simply have a silicone edge that inserts into an aluminium extrusion.

Let there be light

Display companies throughout the world compete to increase the impact of their displays, whether through new print techniques, bigger displays or lighting. The latter used to be expensive and often created light spots rather than a nice broad light distribution. With LED lighting came the opportunity to deliver a low draw, small footprint, even light distribution but at a cost. As demand has increased, so the price of LED lights has decreased. Some light manufacturers no longer even produce non-LED bulbs!

With LED lighting, display manufacturers are now able to deliver fully lit display solutions. These can be either mains or battery powered, and have the lights set into thin extrusion. This has never been better delivered than within the LEDGO, Brandframe display.


The future of illuminated display

Taking banner stands to the next level, these displays are lightweight, stable, stylish and, most importantly, easy to assemble. Consisting of just seven parts, they can be quickly assembled without tools – the perfect fast and simple solution to your display needs. Both options are surprisingly light with a display of 100x200cm weighing in at just 8.7kg! That means it can be transported in your carry-on allowance!

These displays are best described as a banner stand and lightbox, all rolled into one. They consist of components that can be easily configured for different display options and needs – be it for your Point of Sale display, at a tradeshow, as an advertising board or for customer traffic guidance systems. They can be displayed on their own or they can be used as a modular system making a much bigger display. As you can see below, several can be put together to create a wall. End panels can be turned 90 degrees too, depending on the look you want or the area you have to display in.

There are two options in this range, the YOUGO and the LEDGO. The basics of the product are the same but the LEDGO is an illuminated stand, featuring LED lights set into the frame and sitting behind the fabric. Both stands use pre-assembled base tracks for the frame and then a silicon lip graphic is fed into the edging of the frame to complete the display.

LEDGO Combined

LEDGO Display

The LEDGO product is an ultralight and brilliantly illuminated stand that uses high quality OSRAM LED technology to give an even and shadow-free illumination. Its LED lights are positioned inside the display, behind the fabric, lighting up your message for everyone to see. Perfect for events and tradeshows, or even conferences and dinners, where you can set up decorative focal points or combine several modules for larger, illuminated displays – both options allow you to create sophisticated mood elements, even in big rooms.


YOUGO Display

The YOUGO display is a non-illuminated display that uses the same high quality anodized aluminium as the LEDGO system. Not only is it UV resistant but the design and shape are very slim and timelessly elegant. With a meticulous finish, even the edges are pleasant to the touch and the connectors are almost invisible after set-up making it appealing from all angles. These displays provide exhibitors with a quick, easy set up that can be transported in your car or on a plane. This transportability makes them perfect for POS use, sampling and mobile advertising.

YOUGO Display System

Want more information?

Request a detailed product brochure by emailing: We would love to talk you through the options or even give you a demonstration in our Auckland showroom.

Home Show 2016

Home Shows have been through many lifecycles and stages of development, but if the Auckland Home Show was anything to go by, they’re still very much of interest to New Zealanders.

This year saw yet more growth with visitor numbers averaging 48,000 over the 5 days. And these numbers are not just fueled by the general public; the Auckland Home Show attracts a number of ‘trade” visitors and offers exhibitors b2b opportunities.

Brandstand has been involved with the Auckland Home Show event for many years, assisting several customers in creating and setting up a stand. This year we were especially proud to be involved in Assa Abloy’s showpiece stand – marketing their Yale locks and home security solutions.

Yale Exhibition Stand

The Auckland Home Show saw 512 exhibitors setting up and running their stands, so the competition to stand out in the crowds is immense. The show cannot actually take any more exhibitors, it’s at capacity, and therefore it’s up to companies like Brandstand to create bigger, better stands that deliver a richer engagement for the visitor and maximise floor space. The event will not grow from more exhibitors but instead from more visitors having an incredible time, engaging with brands and learning about their products.

Often, at Brandstand, we’re asked to develop a stand that focuses attention on one hero product. In the case of Assa Abloy though, the brief was different. They have a broad product range and all of it needed to be presented equally within a confined space.

The Assa Abloy stand is a complete bespoke designed stand, that towers above those around it due to it’s height but also delivers a rich engagement with fully functioning product examples as well as interactive screens that deliver key messaging. As well as being visually engaging this stand tells a product story. Integrating the hardware into real home situations allows visitors to interact with the product and picture it in their own home. The stand architecture inspires them and connects with their own home environment.  Visitors can navigate the stand unaccompanied and learn a great deal. Add in some key exhibition staff and the engagement transforms into real sales opportunities.

Yale Homeshow 2016

Not everything has to be bespoke though, and this year we delivered an incredible stand for Galaxy Spas. It used fabric walls, as a backdrop to their products, to deliver amazing graphics that inspired product engagement. The stand was a huge success and the fabric walls will continue to serve for many years to come.

Galaxy Spas

The next Auckland Home Show is Wednesday 6th to Sunday 10th September 2017. Although 2016 exhibitors get first-right-of-refusal, you could still be in with a chance to get in on this great exhibition if you plan early.

If you are planning to attend we would love the chance to talk to you about your stand and see how we can help. Please give us a call on 0800 10 99 88 or email

Did You Know Series

Five Simple Facts about Brandstand

Brandstand Logo

Brandstand is more than a company name. Take a quick look behind the name and you’ll discover a few facts that perhaps you didn’t know and few things that differentiate us from many of our competitors.

  1. Brandstand is a New Zealand owned and operated company. We have a full time team of 20, working out of large premises on the North Shore of Auckland.
  1. We’re in the display business, but more specifically we provide customers with a range of portable indoor and outdoor displays which includes materials for exhibitions, conferences, retail spaces, experiential campaigns and product sampling. We’re constantly scouring the world for new and innovative products and materials that we can bring to our shores, including multimedia materials and the latest printable fabrics.

Brandstand NZ - Dulux Stand

  1. Our production team have a combined experience of over 60 years, printing and producing display materials, whether bespoke or customised, which are used by some of New Zealand’s biggest brands. We work with the country’s biggest and best agencies to develop and leverage their campaigns. Check out our Case Studies and Gallery.
  1. Our products tend to come with a range of warranties, many of which are the best you’ll find anywhere. We like to put our money where our mouth is and back ourselves. We don’t ever want to simply sell a product and ‘walk away’ – we build relationships with our customers that stand the test of time and revolve around creativity, service and integrity.
  1. Where possible we source sustainable products and produce all our materials in an eco-friendly way. We strive to be better each and every year. We appreciate living and working in the most beautiful country in the world, and we want to keep it that way for our kids.

Brandstand_Giant Experiential

Did You Know Series?

Demo Tables

Demonstration tables, portable counters, promotion stands – what ever you like to call them, Brandstand has a complete range of solutions. We’ve been supplying them to brands and agencies for the past 20 years, and you’ll have seen many examples in supermarkets across the country. Here’s 10 facts about our Demo tables that might surprise you:

Brandstand NZ - Demo Tables

  1. We have over 12 different types of demonstration tables in our standard range, housed in our Auckland Warehouse.
  2. We manufacture bespoke solutions to suit specific campaigns so call us to discuss your requirements and timeframes.
  3. Our most popular demo table is the SuperLight 800, which is used by some of the country’s leading sampling companies for some of our most iconic brands.
  4. The SuperLight 800 demo table is our lightest table, weighing in at a mere 7kg which makes it easy for carrying from car to venue, and back again.
  5. It only takes a few minutes to assemble one of our demo tables, meaning more time sampling and less time preparing. Plus, no tools means nothing to get lost!
  6. Table tops come in a range of options, to suit their purpose. Choose from food grade melamine, lightweight vacuum formed plastic or a heat resistant surface.
  7. Our demo tables are designed to fold flat when not in use, making them easy to carry and efficient to store.Brandstand Carry bags
  8. Demo tables come with 3 graphics options
  • A digitally printed laminated graphic, which is mounted to rigid PVC on the front of the table using Velcro for easy interchange.
  • A full digitally printed laminated graphic wrap, which covers the front and two sides of the table. It is affixed with Velcro, easily interchanged and stores in a tube in the carry bag.
  • A full colour lycra sock or fabric graphic for a higher end longer term solution

9.   Our tables can be adapted to suit your needs, such as:

  • Adding a Header Board to create greater impact and provide more premium brand/message space.
  • Add cable entry caps to the table top for electronic items
  • Produce the table top in a custom colour with unique graphics
  • Add flags to the table to create greater impact
  • Adjusting the height of the table
  • Adding extra shelves for storage inside the table
  • Heat resistant inlay for cooking
Crunchy Nut gets noticed!

Crunchy Nut gets noticed with a header above the table!

10. Need more space than our standard table sizes allow? Simply join a few up and then we’ll create a wrap that goes around them all and a top that covers them! Or call us, and we can have a specific size made just for you!


Field days and Food Shows

It’s that time of year again when the Summer becomes a blissful memory and Winter kicks in with a busy schedule of field days and food shows. The endless smiles, as your staff talk to potential customers about the how good your products are and why they should buy them. You take the best of the best and showcase them along with your brand to stand out from the crowd. But do you? Stand out from the crowd that is? Or are your graphics and your stand looking a bit faded and outdated. It’s not too late with fieldays running from the 10-13th June and the Auckland Food Show from 30th July – 2 August – we can help!

Brandstand - Food Show

At Brandstand we have a wide range of stands and display equipment to help you stand out from the crowd. We also have a great service team to help you decide what you need and to have it to you ready for your next event.

As with everything these days technology is constantly changing and bringing us new ideas and ways of doing things. You no longer have to spend hours constructing a stand – our SuperWalls can be erected in 90 seconds! You do not have to buy a complete new bannerstand when your graphics have faded or your message is no longer correct – just order a new graphic and swap it out in minutes. It no longer has to cost the earth to create a booth at the Food Show – Brandstand have a solution that grows with your needs allowing you to start small and add pieces as and when you need them.

Let’s take a look at what is available:


Brandstand SuperWallWe have a wide selection of SuperWalls that come in all shapes and sizes ideal for a backdrop or a mural at a field day or show. The walls are made from aluminium poles and have a fabric sleeve that simply slips over the frame and is zipped up creating a no crease image to really attract attention. The image can be double sided giving you more room for your message and can be constructed in 90 seconds. It’s also portable and lightweight (only 12kg) making it easy to shift from one field day to another.

004Exhibition Solutions

This modular system allows scalability and multi-use functionality. Start off small, and then grow as your needs grow. Use the same kit in different spaces simply by re-configuring your existing items. Take a look here.



There are a large variety of bannerstands in the marketplace and each one is made for purpose, so make sure you choose the right one for you. If that statement makes you cringe and throw your hands up in the air as they all look the same then just pick up the phone and give one of our friendly staff a call. They have years of experience and can guide you through the right choice. The 3 best sellers are:

Pull Up Banner StandBrandstand NZ - Premier Banner Stand

A retractable pull up bannerstand that is functional and easy to use. Simply pull and hook the retractable spring in place and you are ready to go. With a 5 year warranty you can change your graphics when you need making this an economical purchase.


Brandstand NZ - Icon BannerIcon Bannerstand

The Icon portable display banner has more style and impact than other stands, with 3 different shapes to choose from it certainly makes you stand out from the masses. Its fabric sleeve makes it lightweight and easy to carry, plus there are no tools so easy to assemble. It can also double up as a leaflet stand with additional accessories such as shelves or leaflet holders making this more than just a banner.

Express Bannerstand

A single post support, roll up banner featuring 100% viewable image. It’s easy-to-assemble and very economical. Join multiple banners together to create a single, display wall with maximum portability.


There are several different flags on the market and let’s be honest they all flutter in the wind and attract attention. But if you want your flag to have the brightest image, to not fray after one event and to stay standing and not be blown over by the wind, then Brandstand is the place to come. We have an impressive array of flags but we also have the hardware to go with it. Whether you need a flat base plate or a ground spike we have it all. So what is the difference in flags? Here’s a quick summary:

teardop smallTear Drop

A versatile and portable flag system in the shape of a tear, hence it’s name. It’s proven to grab attention in any environment with minimum flutter noise.


A large vibrant blade shaped flag ideal for displaying more information and attracting attention at trade shows, field days, corporate and sporting events.

Giant Flag

An impressive 5.2m telescopic pole to give you maximum impact. A huge image area to get the message across.

Demonstration Tables and Counters

Every stand needs somewhere to put something on, be it leaflets, a cup of coffee or product samples so make sure you know it’s purpose and get the right size for the job. Tables and counters are often made to your requirements so if you need a food preparation top then just tell us and we can make that happen.

Superlight Demo TableBrandstand NZ - Demo Tables

Our most popular demo table for use as a sales station or sampling table, ideal for the food show when you are handing out all those yummy treats.

Presenter Table

This table is compact and ideal for wine tasting or places where you do not want to take up much space. It’s incredibly easy to assemble and folds flat so can easily fit in the back of your car.

This is just a small array of display products you can choose from and of course we can custom make any thing you can imagine.

Please either give us a call on 0800 10 99 88 to discuss your requirements or if you’re in Auckland why not pop in to our showroom for a no obligation demo of our products.

Stepping into the light

When marketing a product, 93% of consumers place visual appearance as one of the most important factors when shopping*. With this is mind, it is crucial that whatever you’re trying to sell or present is well lit and attracts attention.

Lighting Shop Display WindowTake a window display for instance in a shopping mall, what gets you to turn your head and look? It could be a number of things, movement, colour or light, but one thing’s for sure, you would not even give the window a second glance if it was in pitch darkness.

So, what do you need to think about when you are lighting up a display? Here are a few tips to get you started:

– consider other colours to create drama, not just a white light

– use spotlights to pick out key information, brand imagery or to light up dark corners

– light up your brand logo so everyone knows who you are

– draw attention to your product by lighting the stand it sits on

– place light behind fabric to make it shine through the whole display

With this in mind, what products are out there to light up displays and get more attention?


LED lights are the preferred choice of lighting for most displays and exhibitions these days. Not only are they 80% more efficient than a normal light bulb, they last longer, are smaller in size and are more robust. All our stands can be fitted with LED lights to add more impact and really light up your message.

Brandstand NZ - Led Lighting DisplayThe low voltage lighting used in shop displays is also very effective whether it’s lighting up an acrylic box, a poster or some shelving. The lights are all cantilevered with 180 degree adjustable heads enabling you to get the perfect position.


Give your image some depth and clarity with the illuminated light box. These innovative boxes are ultra slim and highly effective. They are the ideal display solution for retail outlets, exhibition’s, restaurants, bars, airports and more. They come in all sorts of styles so can be used on a poster stand, a wall, a mirror or a writing board.

They run on a 12 volt system, so easy to install, low heat output and no mercury making these the smallest carbon footprint available.

Check out the new light boxes in Top Shop on Queen Street, a mammoth size but oh so effective.

Brandstand NZ - Lightbox


Light pockets are an eye catching way to illuminate posters and graphics, they work especially well for window or interior displays. They come in a range of sizes and widths to suit your needs and the graphics can be changed out in seconds. They can be used in a number of different formats including:Brandstand NZ - light pockets

Floor to ceiling displays

Free standing displays

Suspended ceiling displays

The light pockets are often used in real estate agents’ windows with the double sided units giving them twice as much space to market a property.



The plinths create a stunning effect, are simple and stylish with an aluminium frame, in combination with a hard-wearing melamine-coated MDF top.  Three faces of the plinth are custom finished in your chosen corporate colour, logo or graphics, and the fourth face features a stylish light box sitting behind your graphic.

Brandstand NZ - lightbox plinthsAll images can be changed over with ease, giving you the flexibility to customise your promotional message or highlight a new product according to your specific requirements. A great solution for dark corners or to show off your products whilst sitting on a plinth.


Of course, if LED lighting is not what you were after then there are other low voltage spotlights available – but this can be specific to your requirements so just give us a call and we can work out what you need.

The one thing to remember in all of this is that light and the visual appearance of your message, brand or product is critical to the way it is received by your consumers, so ensure you make an informed decision to get the best results.

To discuss any of these options further, please give us a call on 0800 10 99 88 or drop us an email.

* Kissmetrics infographic



Poster and Banner Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Direct Wall Mount

It’s always difficult to know how to display information whether it’s around the office, a reception area or in a shop window. Making the information stand out, look neat and tidy, and draw attention are common issues.

At Brandstand we have an information display system that is versatile, easy to use and guaranteed to get your message noticed. Whether it’s a simple poster you want to be displayed or you are creating an information hub with leaflets, our ‘pick and mix’ solution makes it easy for you to make the right selection and meet your requirements.

So how do you make your decision on what display system to choose?

It really depends on 2 things:

  1. What you are wanting to display
  1. Where you need to display it

Let’s look at the ‘what’ first.

Mounted Wall displaysIdentifying exactly what you want to display and its purpose is probably the hardest decision of all but once this has been made the rest of the decision making process should be more straight forward. For instance do you need to display a single poster or several smaller images? Are there leaflets that go with it? What size is the poster or leaflet?

The second most important decision is to know where you want the display as this will determine what type of display you go for. For example is it going on a wall, in a window or in the middle of your reception area?


Once you have identified these we can start to narrow down some of your options.

There are 4 types of mounts:

Direct Wall Mounted Display Systems

The direct wall mounted system is mainly used to display posters or information. It consists of an acrylic wall mounted pocket that your image slips into. The satin chrome wall supports are stylish and designed to hold the pocket 25mm away from the wall creating a shadow detail. The images are easily changed out with no tools required! The standard pockets come in A4, A3, A2 and A1 sizes but can be custom made to take any size. The pockets fix directly onto the wall making it stable and permanent.

These are ideal for posters or to simply to show off some creative work you have just finished for a client. If you need to create an information post where people take a leaflet then simply attach the brochure holder you require to the pocket.

Brandstand NZ - Wall mounted Display System

Wall Mounted Poster Display









Cable and Rod Wall Mounted Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Display systemThe cable and rod system is a more versatile display system that can be easily changed even though it is fixed to the wall. The cables allow you to change out the pockets giving you the option to have one, multiple or a combination of pockets, you can even add a brochure holder into the mix. The pockets make changing images simple and due to the flexibility of the system they can be any size portrait or landscape.

This system is great when you have a wall and a lot of information to display. It can be mixed ‘n’ matched with various sales tools such as lightboxes, leaflet/brochure holders or additional signage.

Brandstand NZ - Display system


Cable and Rod Floor to Ceiling Display Systems

This uses the same principal as the wall mounted system but it is mounted to the floor and the ceiling so it can be positioned anywhere. You can use it to create a wall of information in an office or used in a shop window such as an estate agents. The beauty of this is that you can add whatever pockets you want and they will be seen on both sides displaying double the information. As with the other two mounts the system gives you flexibility to change the look of your stand when you need to.


Free Standing Display Systems

Brandstand NZ - Display Systems

If you do not want a permanent fixing then a free standing unit is a consideration. The flexiframe unit is modern and easy to assemble. It is a cable and rod system giving you the flexibility to change your display options from posters to sloping shelves to leaflet dispensers. The range comes in different sizes so you can select the one that is right for your space.



Brandstand NZ - Lighting with display systems


So now you know about the different kinds of display system, you have one more consideration to make. Lighting. Do you need extra lighting? Lighting increases the impact of your display and research suggests that it can increase your sales up to 107% (Source: The low voltage lighting is easily connected to the cable and rod system so no need for special cables, you can just use an electrical spur positioned within 2m of the transformer. It’s easy and quick to install and the cantilevered lights enable you to position the light exactly where you need it.



We all know that it can be very confusing when looking at all these options and you don’t want to make the wrong decision so why not give us a call. Our staff have years of experience to guide you through the best solution for your needs, and provide you with a no-obligation quote. What have you got to lose? Call us now and tidy up your display area!