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Why sponsoring an event is a great thing.

When you sponsor an event you are expected to offer funding or products and services to support the event. Usually it makes sense to offer something that your company sells or a service you can provide.

When the Rescue Run approached Brandstand to sponsor their event we were delighted to help. The Rescue Run is an adventure race through Woodhill forest, Auckland. Teams of six people carry a stretcher through a 15km course that simulates different disaster zones including an earthquake, flood and mudslide. Each team raises money for a local emergency service such as Fire, Ambulance, USAR or Coastguard, and the money raised goes back to that particular charity and helps to save lives.

As Brandstand’s core business is all about signage and display systems, we knew we could help Mark and his team by providing all the corflute signs, inflatable displays, flags and helmets required for the event. We were also keen to take part and so, with much trepidation, Brandstand entered a team! By entering a team it not only shows commitment to your sponsor it also shows your support and enables you to become involved in the whole event.

Rescue Run - Brandstand

Here are 5 reasons it makes sense to get involved:

Brand Visibility

Sponsorship puts your brand in front of a large audience who may not have heard of your business. The bigger the event, the more press and social media you may get before, during and after the event. Make the most of this visibility and make sure your company shares posts regularly to get maximum exposure. On event day make sure that you get photographs of the event and images of yourself taking part as these are great to share on your social media page and website.

Rescue Run - Brandstand Flag

Consumer Perception

We all know that customers form positive opinions when a business is tied to a high profile event. Customers will automatically assume that your business is reliable and reputable just because you have sponsored such an event. A 2016 survey from the Event Marketing Institution found that 74% of consumers were more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event. So make sure when you sponsor an event that you get maximum exposure on the day and have your logo visible for others to see.

Community Goodwill

Strengthening your business image is one of the most valuable benefits an event can give you. Customers love brands that care and that put themselves out there into the local community. It’s one thing to sponsor an event and another to actually take part. By sponsoring and participating in an event, you not only show goodwill in monetary terms but also in community involvement, thus helping boost customer loyalty.

Business Relationships

Making the most of other businesses involved in the event is a great way to form new relationships in a non-competitive environment. Make sure you attend any networking opportunities and talk to people at set-up and on the day as these connections could stand you in good stead for future work.

Content Strategy

Event sponsorship provides some exciting and fresh content for your website or social media pages. If you don’t shout about it then no-one will know, so it’s important to maximise exposure while you can. Before an event there will always be a build-up so why not run a countdown campaign and let your followers see what you are donating and how you are involved. Making a video of your efforts or posting photos not only sells your products but also shows your commitment to the job.

Post event is another prime time to showcase your company and get as much exposure as possible. Use imagery of the event and, if possible, get some video to share. If you have been raising money, make sure that you let everyone know how much you raised and where the money will be spent.

Sponsorship is something that every company should consider. Taking part shows further commitment. The Brandstand Brigade was a team of six individuals,all at different stages of their lives, but as a team we pulled together and had an amazing event. Here are some shots from the day. In total our team raised $3400.00 and this will be going to the Fire and Emergency Services.

Rescue Run - Brandstand Team        Rescue Run - Brandstand Team

Rescue Run - Brandstand Team        Rescue Run - Brandstand Team

The event as a whole was a massive feat, and the organisation and quality of the course was all down to Mark and his team who worked tirelessly day and night to get the course ready. In total the event raised $336,000 and this will all go to helping save other people’s lives.

The Rescue Run really was a fabulous event and one that Brandstand would love to be involved with again next year!

Pop-Up Shops

We have all seen them, you have probably all be in one of them, and you may even have eaten at one of them – pop-up shops and kiosks are ‘popping’ up all over the place and research indicates that consumers love them.

So what is classified as a pop-up shop?

Mobile Pop-Up Store

Mobile pop-up shops aim to reach consumers on a more personal level and leave them with a sensory experience, one they will share and talk about with friends and family.

Examples: food trucks, mobile champagne bar, chic fashion boutique bus, mobile barber

Pop-Up Dining Experience

These dining experiences are enticing and a fun way to try something new. Often consumers like the fact that they only have a limited window in which to experience a certain eatery. Because they are usually on a smaller scale it gives restauranteurs the chance to test menu items and interact with consumers face-to-face.

Examples: pop-up poker restaurants, fast food pop-ups, asian fusion pop-ups, fundraising pop-ups

Interactive Pop-Up Shop

These interactive stores embrace modern marketing strategies and aim to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Whether it’s a scannable virtual shop window, a branded experiential pop-up store or a robotic coffee shop these interactive methods definitely pull in the crowds.

Example: Pimms Pop-Up T-Pot at Wimbledon, John Lewis scannable shop window, Dyson experiential pop-up store

Pimms Popup

Temporary Retail Pop-Up Shop

These temporary stores are ideal for marketing new collections, product launches or seasonal promotions such as Xmas. Ranging from physical stores, kiosk malls, or mobile bus boutiques they interact with consumers either through their senses or using digital technology.  

Examples: Kenzo Boutique bus, Walmart Xmas Toy store, Charity Store, Corner Pop-up shops

Branded Pop-Up Retailer

Brands are embracing the pop-up store as a quick easy win and away to gain more exposure. They are taking every opportunity to deliver a fully branded experience no matter where you are, giving an instant shop window to increase awareness and enhance consumer engagement.

Examples: Nutella Creperies, Tesla’s temporary car store, festival yogurt shops

Why are pop-ups so popular?

Because they are eye catching, they are new and they are usually quirky. Brands can be more creative with a temporary set up attracting consumers and delighting them with something new. People like different, and if they are interactive and engage consumers then it’s a win-win for everyone.

Delivering a Pop-Up Experience

Brandstand has it’s own production team working out of a large production facility and warehouse in Albany. Together, the team have over 100 years’ of experience in producing display, exhibition and pop-up solutions.

Under one roof, we have the ability to design, manage, build, deliver, install and even store your pop-up experience.

To discuss your next pop-up experience, call Rich Adams on 09 930 1811 or visit


Creating outdoor branded environments.

Here in New Zealand there’s always a certain level of anxiety that goes with organising an outside event. Even in the middle of Summer you can never be 100% confident that the sun will shine! And when it doesn’t, there’s a few things to think about.

Is your display kit rain-proof and will it stand up to the wind?

Will your kit stand up to the crowds of people that sometimes attend these Summer events?

At Brandstand we’ve been creating experiential campaigns, roadshows and outdoor stands for over 20 years. So let’s look at a few of our options.


So the worst case scenario is they start lifting as the wind picks up, turning themselves in javelins, and a major health and safety hazard. But also consider the amount of flapping they do as the wind picks up – that can be annoying for those around the flag. It’s why our tear drop to go flag tapers to nothing, in a teardrop shape, that reduces that flapping sound. It’s also why we’re able to supply our flags with a variety of base options, from heavy plates to screw-in ground screws. 

For more on flags CLICK HERE

Billboard 2 Go

This is the perfect high impact billboard – heaps of space to get your message across on a waterproof, high impact printed fabric. Secure its base with weighted bases or ground screws and breathe easy as the wind picks up. When Russian Vodka headed to Queenstown, they knew they could trust a Billboard 2 Go not to fly off the mountain!

vodka demo table and flags

Display Walls

Our SuperWall fabric display walls push the boundaries in light weight exhibition walls. Take them outside and they’ll continue to perform – it’s why we supply them with a 5 year hardware warranty – these are purpose built for NZ conditions.

Superwall - Brandstand


We make no apologies for the price of our Gazebo – it’s the very best available, built to last and produced for tough commercial use. Supplied with a variety of tie-down options, the Gazebo 2 Go won’t let you down. It’s 100% waterproof, with taped seams and high strength close mesh 500 denier polyester fabric. For more details on our Gazebos CLICK HERE.

Giant Gazebos - Brandstand


Gazebo-2-Go Event Marquees

How do you decide on which Gazebo to buy, when there are so many options and such huge price differences? Let’s take a look at the market place and consider your options.

Brandstand - Marquee

Frame Material

Most marquee systems utilise either cheap steel framing or more expensive aluminium. The poles also tend to come in various diameters, which affects price too. Aluminium lasts longer and is more lightweight.

All our Gazebo-2-Go marquees come with aluminium poles, with a 12mm diameter. Although some manufacturers provide thicker poles as standard, we think this diameter is optimal vs weight. And in 7 years we’ve never had an issue with broken poles! Our frame is also one piece, because we know how annoying it is when a pole goes missing!

Brandstand Marquee with Back

Fabric Material

Generally, marquees use a whole range of materials, and this is where manufacturers can make real cost savings. The cheaper gazebo’s tend to use inferior fabric which is fine for only a few hours out in the sun now and again, but they’re not designed for our harsh sunlight or for more rugged trade use.

Our Gazebo-2-Go features high-quality, close-mesh 500 denier polyester material. This is fire retardant and water resistant, and has excellent printing characteristics. And given we’re in the display business, that’s important to us and the brands we work with! As Kiwi’s the other key factor is UV protection, and all our gazebos offer 100% UV Protection* (rated UPF 50+)

* Actual test results 99.84-99.97% U/V blockout


Brandstand Marquee setupEver laughed at how many Dad’s it takes to set up the Gazebo at a backyard BBQ? So have we, and that’s why we guarantee our Gazebo won’t make you look stupid when you try to erect it!

With it’s ingeniously simple folding system, the Gazebo-2-Go Marquee can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, providing superb adaptability for both indoor and outdoor events of all types.

The trick with any gazebo design is to ensure that it’s a good size when up and a really small size when down, and that’s not easy to achieve. The Gazebo-2-Go is extremely compact so transport and storage is easy, plus they come in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Size Matters

Once you’ve decided on materials then the next choice should be size. Now don’t go shy at this point. Be sure to upsize and cover off your bases – that way you’ll only buy once and it will last you for years! Also, consider this – the larger the gazebo the larger your potential brand logo on the roof or sides.

Displays 2 Go large marquee

Our Gazebo-2-Go comes in these sizes: 2.5 x 2.5 metre, 3.0 x 3.0 metre, 3.0 x 4.5 metre and the eye-watering 3.0 x 6.0 metre

Side Impact?

No, we’re not talking cars here! You might not want the sides now, but isn’t it great know you can add them later, because this system comes with heaps of options, including sides with and without windows, plus half and full sized sides.

Brandstand Gazebo with sides

The Details

Sometimes the devil’s in the details and that’s never more so than with the Gazebo-2-Go. Here’s 14 of those details that make the Gazebo-2-Go, one of the best options in the market:

Moulded brackets from top quality ABS plastic formed with rounded edges to provide extra protection to the roof from general wear and tear.

All seam points are double stitched for added strength and durability.

Patented pull-pin locking system ensures easy, finger safe set-up and collapsing.

Double layer of material at peak for extra wear resistance.

Central Pivot design ensures a lifetime of durability.

50mm wide horizontal velcro strip on lower inside edge of roof to allow sidewalls and/or raingutters to be attached/removed in seconds.

Advanced periscoping height controller allows for a perfect roof fit.

Sturdy D-Rings offer additional tie-down security.

Patented pull-pin locking system offers easy leg height adjustment and levelling capability on uneven ground. Five different settings with 360mm of height adjustment.

Double layer of material at corners to minimize wear and tear.

Rust proof ABS foot pad delivers greater grounding ability for superior stability and safety. Holes provided for ground pegs.

Additional velcro strips are positioned on the roof midway between each leg to help secure the roof to the frame and keep it suitably tensioned.

Truss bars capped each end to help prevent moisture and dust entering.

Advanced seam sealer strip applied to underside of all seams to ensure waterproofness.

Colour Options

That cheap marquee down the road probably comes in a couple of colour options. Not ours though – the Gazebo-2-Go come with 8 (yes that’s right 8) standard ex-stock colour options! And if you want another colour, we can do that too – it just might take a little longer and cost a little more.

Interchangeable Branded Canopy Option

Why not save money by buying one Gazebo and various different branded Canopy options? It makes perfect sense when you think about, and that’s just what we did, thought about it and came up with a great solution!


Does the marquee you’re looking at come with many accessories? Probably not. The Gazebo-2-Go comes with more accessories than a ladies handbag!

  • flooring options
  • spouting solutions to keep your guests dry
  • case options
  • sand bags
  • weighted pole bases

So when people contact us about buying a Gazebo, and then tell us about the deal down the road, we always tell them to look at the details. Our Gazebo-2-Go marquee is one of the best in the world. It’s designed for commercial use and comes with a 5 year guarantee. We’ll also be around to answer your questions and sell you another in 7 years, because after sales support and service should also be an important part of your buying decision.

If you’re looking for a Gazebo for any of the following, then call us today we’re sure we have the best solution for you.

Brandstand Marquee

•Sporting Events

•Animal & Pet Shows

•Camping & Beach Shade

•Market Stalls, Fairs & Gala Days

•Building Sites & Contractors

•BBQ, Parties and Outdoor Dining


•Emergency Services



All About Flags

Brandstand's range of promotional flags in New Zealand

With the Royals in town, we thought it would be a nice idea  to focus on flags; after all there will be much waving of flags over the next few weeks!

The history of flags can be traced back over 3,000 years, when they were used in battle as standards or signal devices to coordinate troops in the field. As we all know flags are also a hot topic right now here in New Zealand!

flags, promotional flags, brand battleBut when you go into battle for your brand, what do you consider? You still need a device that is instantly recognisable, has the ability to direct your customers and that will last against the rigours of our weather.

You should consider how much your promotional flag is going to be used. Will it be brought out for a limited time to support a promotion or event? Or will it be fluttering outside your store 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year? Consider carefully not only the materials being used but also the finishing such as any ropes and stitching. All stitching threads are NOT made equal, and when the wind strengthens it’s often this thread that is the first to go. We all know that in NZ we have very high UV levels so its important that the flag you choose is built for our environment, with UV stabilised fabric, inks and thread. That’s why we have a wide range of flags including those made in New Zealand, for New Zealanders.

Your flag needs to be highly visible, which means it needs to stand up tall and feature highly impactful print. At Brandstand we use dye sublimation printing to ensure the graphics really ‘pop’  – the beauty of this is that the technique is really eco-friendly (so we can all play at being eco-warriors too!) more vibrant and takes longer to fade. Consider how you fix your flag and keep it standing up. At Brandstand, we have a choice of seven different bases – yes that right seven! Various spikes, posts, water bases, wall fixings and even tow bar mounts! Take a look at all the options for yourself, here

How will your flag be viewed? Do you need it to be printed on both sides? There really is no need to print on both sides if one side will never be seen, so really think about its location and save yourself some dollars!

Range of promotional flags, display flags, blade flags, teardrop flags

Brandstand supplies various flag options.

We’ve all seen traditional flags get themselves in a muddle. Suddenly you can’t see what’s on them. That’s why promotional style flags come in various shapes. Some are designed to maximise the space you have to print your graphics on, whilst others are designed to look a little different, using  a teardrop or blade shape to reduce ‘flutter’ noise.

If your flag is only going to be used on a few occasions a year, then you’ll be grateful that Brandstand’s flags ALL come with a strong carry bag and pockets for protecting your printed fabrics. There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing the flag, thinking you’ve got all the bits and then discover at your event that half of them are missing. Keep everything all in one place, neat and tidy, in a bag.

Imagine the scenario…you arrive at your event and the guy next door to you has a really big stand. Your stand is completely blocked by his. You pull out your flag knowing it’s going to be about as much use as slippers on a snake! Ah, but you’d forgotten that the flag you bought from Brandstand has a pole with various height settings. You simply erect your flag to the highest setting and stand out from the crowd! Perfect. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Caring for your flag

It’s important that you look after your flag – you don’t want it looking battle-worn. Make sure your flag isn’t banging against an object when operational – this is sure to wear it out fast. Have a look around to make sure there’s nothing for the flag to snag on.

Flags can be washed in a normal household washing machine set on a cold wash with normal mild detergents. Do not soak, dry clean or tumble dry and avoid the use of soda or bleaching alkali. Hang the flag or graphic to dry immediately after the wash – do not leave it rolled up. If necessary you can use a cool or warm iron to remove any creases. Even if the flag starts fraying it can sometimes be trimmed back and re-hemmed, but it’s good to catch these issues early and nip them in the bud.

No Drama

As you’d expect from NZ’s biggest display company, all our flags come with a no quibble 1 year hardware warranty. Also, as you’d expect from a company that prides itself on amazing customer service, we offer an express delivery service, from artwork to print to delivery in only a few days. Job done. No drama.

To see more of our outdoor products, click here