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Last year we worked with the organisers of The Marketing Summit to deliver a better visitor experience. This included providing various display materials and options as well as installing digital interactive kiosks throughout the venue.

Our digital kiosks were quickly loaded with event information including attendee information, details of all the main speakers as well as timings for all the key events each day. With floor standing kiosks arranged throughout the venue, attendees could easily touch the screen to navigate to the information they were after. 

The kiosks were programmed to allow attendees to register for events and also set up with a camera to work as a fun photo-booth.

If you're looking at ways to deliver a better visitor experience at your next event then give us a call, 0800 10 99 88. We would love to discuss your options.

Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!