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Content and Media Management.

We have developed a wonderful partnership over the last 5 years with the team at e-ology. They are experts in developing interactive technologies and developed the world-leading content and media management system that lies at the heart of our digital solutions. As an intuitive software solution, it can be used straightway to deliver a comprehensive media and on-screen navigation solution.

But it can also be used to develop a more customised offering when required. It integrates well with other software and hardware solutions, and this has been proven time-and-again on various projects over the past 5 years.

Whilst e-Ology looks after the tech, Brandstand coordinates the design, the project management, the hardware and the logistics of moving the kiosks around the country. 

Introducing Lim

As the owner of e-ology in Whanganui, Lim is also our Technology Manager. He works closely with our clients to develop interactive on-screen solutions, used at events, exhibitions and commercial premises throughout New Zealand.

Lim and the team specialise in:

Interactive design and development
Exhibition design
Haptic interactive experience
Kinect, Leap and Unity developer
Interactive game development
Augmented Reality (AR) and QR code
Mobile APP development - Android, iOS and Windows
RFID tracking and identification
Digital Signage software and hardware solution

Introducing Dean

Dean is our Creative Director. With over 15 years of experience in delivering engaging interactive campaigns, Dean is well placed to provide great design that delivers results. He works with Lim to deliver digital solutions that drive the right results for clients. Whilst Lim ensures everything works, it is Dean that delivers the design concepts that Lim works with.

Introducing our Media Manager Software

Effective Media Management

All our hardware solutions utilise our Media Manager software, developed over the past few years to deliver an engaging user experience through a powerful back-end operating system. This forms the hub for all your content and works like a website CMS, but it is used to manage multiple hardware screens or kiosks and can have tailored content for different screens. It's a powerful solution yet simple to use.

Media Manager allows us to quickly load and display your content but is also flexible enough to allow us to add additional functionality where required. Having been used in kiosks and campaigns across New Zealand and Australia, the software is proven to be both fast and stable - well able to stand the rigours of continual use.

Choose to have us access, monitor and manage your campaign, or take control yourself. The simple, intuitive CMS allows clients to manage their own campaigns, with just a short training session. 

A little new to all this and need some help?

If you're considering using digital interactive screens for your next event, or within your business, then it pays to talk to one of our Specialists first. For a no-obligation chat about your requirements and to see if we have a solution that can work for you, please complete the form below and one of our Specialists will contact you.

If you're in Auckland or heading to Auckland and would like to see one of our interactive screens in action, then complete the form below and we can organise a demonstration.

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