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Versatile and Portable Presentation Boards: Free Standing Partitions by Brandstand

Free Standing Partitions

Brandstand's free-standing partitions are more than just room dividers - they're versatile and portable presentation boards that can be used to showcase your ideas and messages. With a lightweight and stable design, these partitions are perfect for creating temporary workspaces or breakout areas, while the pinnable surface allows for easy display of materials. The clever integrated system also makes it easy to link partitions together for a larger display area. Whether you're looking to present information or create an interactive space, Brandstand's free standing partitions are the perfect choice. Browse our range now to find the ideal solution for your needs.


Branded Merchandise

As well as creating amazing display and exhibition solutions, did you know we can also source, print and deliver your branded promo merchandise solutions as part of your complete campaign? Everything you need under one roof. Now that's nice and simple, isn't it?

We offer a broad range of services

As well as a warehouse full of products we have specialists that can help with all aspects of your exhibition, conference, event, experiential or sampling campaign.


Need a little more help?

We understand that sometimes all these choices simply create more questions than answers. Don't be afraid to reach out to us, so one of our Specialists can talk you through your options and we can help you make the right decisions based on your budget and requirements.

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Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!