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Discover how to execute a good product sampling campaign

At Brandstand, we pride ourselves on being a leading display and exhibition company based in New Zealand, with an extensive 20-year experience in the industry. We specialize in helping brands elevate their marketing efforts through compelling product sampling campaigns. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that your brand's offerings reach the right audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving increased sales. Let's delve into the significance of product sampling in the marketing mix and explore the array of benefits it offers to businesses.

Understanding Product Sampling:

Product sampling is a powerful marketing practice that involves distributing samples of your products or services to potential customers. These samples can be offered at various physical locations, such as trade shows, shopping malls, or even delivered through door drops. In the digital age, online product sampling has also become a popular approach. These samples are typically offered in smaller sizes, allowing consumers to try the product without making an immediate purchase commitment.

How Brandstand Can Help Your Brand:

With over 20 years of experience in collaborating with brands and sampling agencies, we at Brandstand offer a diverse range of sampling "vehicles" tailored to your specific needs. From demo tables and sampling trays to sampling trolleys and bikes, we have the perfect solutions to effectively showcase your products and captivate your target audience.

Benefits of Product Sampling:

Increased Brand Awareness: By providing samples, you can introduce your brand and products to potential customers who may not have otherwise discovered them. This heightened brand awareness can lead to increased sales as more people become familiar with your offerings.

User Feedback: Product sampling enables you to gather direct feedback from potential customers about their experiences with your product. This invaluable insight allows you to make necessary improvements and adjustments based on consumer preferences.

Data Collection: Through product sampling, you can collect valuable data on your target audience, including demographics, interests, and preferences. This data empowers you to make more informed marketing decisions for future campaigns.

Word of Mouth: Sampling creates trust and fosters positive word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers are more likely to share their experiences with friends and family.

Why Choose Product Sampling:

Product sampling is not only a cost-effective way to promote your products but also an incredibly effective form of advertising. Unlike traditional methods, product sampling allows potential customers to experience your products firsthand, leading to higher trust and engagement levels. Moreover, it enables direct interactions with your target audience, fostering a deeper, more personal connection.

Executing a Successful Product Sampling Campaign:

To ensure the success of your product sampling campaign, consider the following steps:

Identify Your Target Audience: Clearly define your target audience to ensure that your samples reach the right potential customers.

Choose the Right Samples: Select the most appropriate samples that best represent your brand and products.

Budget Wisely: Determine a suitable budget for your campaign to make the most of your resources.

Optimize Distribution: Choose strategic locations or mediums for distributing your samples to maximize their impact.

Track and Analyze Results: Measure the success of your campaign using relevant metrics, and analyze the results to identify areas for improvement.

Types of Product Sampling:

At Brandstand, we offer various types of product sampling to suit your brand's specific requirements:

In-Store Sampling: Perfect for engaging customers while they shop, our in-store sampling solutions allow direct interactions with potential buyers.

Mall Sampling: With larger and more creative demo stands, mall sampling targets shoppers throughout the mall for increased visibility.

Event Sampling: Capitalize on trade shows and conferences to connect with interested consumers face-to-face and answer their queries.

Digital Platforms: Leverage our digital screens and kiosks to offer online product sampling, reaching a broader audience without physical presence.

Let Brandstand Elevate Your Product Sampling Campaigns:

With Brandstand as your trusted partner, your brand's product sampling campaigns will soar to new heights. Our extensive experience and dedication to excellence ensure that your offerings gain the attention they deserve. Whether you need in-store, mall,

event, or digital product sampling solutions, we have the expertise and innovative tools to make it a resounding success. Choose Brandstand today and let us help your brand shine!


Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!