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Shopping Centre Foot Traffic Kit

Designed for an open-plan style mall space sized at 3x3 metres or 3x4 metres, where you are expecting vistors to regularly come and go. This kit creates an open and inviting space to maximise visitor numbers.

Consisting of two side modules (with optional shelving), linked by a horizontal pair of overhead beams, your logo or messaging will take pride-of-place above the stand.

It is intentionally free of sit-down furniture as the booth is designed for visitors to stand.

The over-height sections are designed to be slim and therefore be acceptable to shopping centres, but be sure to confirm this with them beforehand.

Available to hire or buy!

(Includes: 3m x 3m raised flooring in white with ramp edge to all sides, counter with custom graphics, side modules with optional shelves to one side, double-sided graphics to side walls, and double-sided graphics to overhead sign)

Size: 3 metres x 4 metres

Height of highest overhead bar: 2500mm

Size of overhead sign: 1200mm wide x 600mm high

Size of side walls: 1000mm wide x 2200mm high

Dimensions of sales counter: 1000mm wide x 400mm front-to-back x 1000mm high

This product is not currently available to purchase online however is available for purchase by contacting us now.

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