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StarX Giant Inflatable Flag

These HUGE StarX Giant Inflatable Flags represent a whole new era of outdoor advertising which, thanks to compressed air, can be set up quickly to create a massive visual impact able to be seen by the public for miles! 

These extra large flags are lightweight, easy to use and are the perfect vehicle for promoting any brand, whether it’s on a mountain, at the beach, an agricultural show, trade fair, concert or sports event.

  • Aerodynamic and impressive in a gust of wind!
  • Heights range from 3.8m up to a massive 8m (almost twice the height of the tallest teardrop flag!)
  • Flagpoles simply inflate with air & in minutes are ready for use
  • Additional replacement flags can simply zip fasten to the pole
  • Safe technology thanks to the use of overpressure valves to release excessive pressure.

Each Giant Flag Kit includes: Inflatable flag pole & replaceable full-colour flag all in a sturdy carry bag. (NB: Bases & pumps are additional)

StarX Giant Inflatable Flag are designed and manufactured with the most advanced materials and technology available. Traditional flagpoles, especially the larger ones, are usually associated with heavy metal components that often require specialist tools to assemble.

StarX Giant Inflatable Flag represent a whole new era of advertising media which, thanks to compressed air, can be set up in a remarkably short time and can reach incomparably larger sizes. All that is possible thanks to the combination of a TPU sealed inner liner with an outer shell made using the technology, normally implemented in professional sports equipment production.

The mast is pumped by hand or with an electric pump through a valve, and the pressure regulation is supervised by the OVER PRESSURE control system. The StarX flag was created to promote the brand so that it would be easier, safer, lighter and more impressive.

Click here for the User Manual

StarX Giant Inflatable Flag currently come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.8m to 8m tall. The wide range of sizes makes it possible to create interesting scenery combinations at events. Click here for size chart

3.8M high x 0.9M wide

4.5M high x 1.02M wide

5.2M high x 1.2M wide

6.0M high x 1.36M wide

7.0M high x 1.46M wide

8.0M high x 1.65M wide


The colour of the mast can be selected from the following base palette:

Black, Grey, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

To benefit fully from the advantages of the StarX Giant Inflatable Flag, you should equip yourself with one of the available bases which are intended for different purposes. 

StarX Flagpoles can be used on various surfaces by using these different bases:

Drive-on Base with Rotator
Cross Base with Rotator
Weights for the Cross Base
Hammer Base with Rotator






By default, StarX Giant Inflatable Flag do not come with pumps. The standard pump is a hand pump that generates the right pressure, has a manometer for controlling the pressure and is sufficient for the use of STARX flags. Electric pumps act only as a supplement, especially when setting up multiple flags.

Manual Pump Premium OSS16
Electric Pump Standard 12V+230V
Electric Pump Premium 12V
Electric Pump Premium 230V
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