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8 panel Cario kit displaying A1 posters
8 panel Cario kit with branding
6 panel Cario kit supported by feet
Stackable Cario panel 700mm x 1100mm (per panel)
Cario 4-Panel Kit
Cario 1-Panel Notice Board
Cario panel Whiteboard
Carry bags for Cario - up to 4 panels fit in a single bag
Cario panel, Velcro
Cario panel, Clear
Cario panel, Printed
Cario 2-Panel Kit
2 panel Cario Notice Board
Cario 8-Panel Kit with branded header panels
Cario display panels at a trade show

Cario Portable Display Panel System

The Cario Panel system is the professional, robust and portable display panel system for Exhibitions, Foyers, Libraries, Showrooms, Information Centres, Conferences, Seminars and Mall Displays. Being a double-sided modular display system, individual panels can be interlocked and displayed in multiple configurations.

Pictures, signs, brochure racks and actual products can be attached to the panels by fixing self-adhesive Velcro hook coins or strips to your products or graphics. This makes the portable display panels ideal for displaying anything from posters to boxes of chocolates.

Brandstand Cario portable display panels are made from premium grade materials to ensure they will last! We use smooth, long lasting brushed nylon velcro receptive fabric which gives the panels their clean, professional finish. Frames are made from black powder coated extruded aluminium profiles to provide a lightweight, robust border.

Your Cario display system can be used all day, every day across various locations and it won’t let you down! 

The display panels can be used over and over again and are easily stored and transported in sturdy Carry Bags (up to 4 panels per carry bag).

The size of each panel can be customised to fit almost any sized exhibition stand. Depending on the design and tiling of the panels, they can be displayed either as a complete wall or as individual panels. Individual replacement panels can also be produced if your message or brand changes!

Cario is a 'pole & clip' system, meaning each panel is provided separately. This provides you with outstanding versatility, giving you the option to set up your system a different way each time you use it. Using the poles and strong clips that are permanently attached to the panels they simply lock into place either vertically or horizontally.

Our portable display boards take minutes to assemble, and you'll love the fact that there are no tools required

Velcro Receptive Panels are the most popular finish for the panels. Perfect for situations where you need to change your presentations to suit your audience or product promotion. With velcro receptive panels, you can use your own promotional material as you see fit and change it in seconds.

(It is also possible to brand the panels with a permanent laminated self-adhesive graphic to one or both sides).

  • Spotlights
  • Bags and Boxes
  • Slat Wall Panels
  • Shelves
  • Free Standing Fee

We take pride in having one of the quickest turn arounds in the display and exhibition industry and can often perform miracles so if you need something sooner than the below timeframes just ask!

As a guideline the following lead times apply:

  • Literature and poster displays: 1 – 2 working days
  • Pull Up & Roll Up Bannerstands: 3 – 5 working days
  • Tables, Plinths, Footpath signs: 5 – 7 working days
  • Flags, Banners, Display walls, Fabric Counters: 6 – 10 working days
  • Pop Up Gazebos: 10 – 15 working days

(*Please note the time shown is taken from the later out order confirmation, payment or supply of final approved artwork through to the day of dispatch (you will need to add the time for taken for delivery to your part of New Zealand).


Please note that freight will be automatically calculated once all items are in your cart. Freight is calculated based on the size and weight of your order combined, as well as delivery address.

Due to the robust construction this is a very durable product suitable for multiple use over a long period and carries a 5yr warranty!

(The warranty applies to non-graphic components and is available to the original owner of the unit. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment by the user or by normal wear and tear).

This product is not currently available to purchase online however is available for purchase by contacting us now.

For more information, please click Enquire Now or call 0800 10 99 88 to talk to one of our Display Specialists!

Build you own vertical or horizontal freestanding display in minutes with the freedom to adapt the panel configuration to your display area. Interlock individual panels to create a 2, 4, 6 or 8 configuration depending on your requirements. Each standard panel measures 700mm x 1100mm. Choose from one, two or three panels high, and then make your wall as wide as you like. We can also create custom sized panels up to 2.4m x 1.2m

Panel Sizes:

Standard Panel Width: 750mm
Standard Panel Heights: 1m and 1.1m

We can and do make any size up to 2.4m x 1.2m. Just tell us what you want.

Pole Sizes:

Pole Diameter: 25mm
Standard Pole Heights: 1m or 1.1m to match panels.

Note: 2 poles are joined together end-to-end using a post joiner tube.

Cario 6-Panel Kit

The 6 Panel Kit can be used as illustrated or in a zig-zag format or, with the addition of feet, in a straight line.

Remember, Cario Panels are double sided so you get double the display area!

This kit can be built at 2 panels high x 3 wide (as illustrated) or 1 panel high by 6 wide.

The Cario Spotlights fit into the tops of the support poles, so this configuration will support up to 4 spotlights.

Cario Panels are ideal for creating table top presentations when placed one panel high by two or more wide on desks or tables.

Cario 8-Panel Kit

Our most popular portable display panel kit!

3 metres x 2.2 metres providing 13.2 square metres of display area.

Use as illustrated or, with the addition of support pole extensions, as 8 panels wide x 1 high.

The Cario Spotlights fit into the tops of the support poles, so this configuration will support up to 5 spotlights.

Freestanding full height double sided Cario notice board, 750 x 2200mm. Ideal for heavy traffic areas.

The full height double sided Cario notice board consists of:

2 x Cario panels 750, 1100mm each 4 x support poles 1100mm each 2 x support pole joiners 2 x feet

This strong stable notice board is designed for heavy traffic areas.

Portable Velcro Wall 8 Panel Kit with spotlights in a zig-zag format

The 8 panel, 3 metre x 2.2 metre format provides 13.2 square metres of display area.

Use as illustrated or as 8 panels wide x 1 high.

This kit comes in 2 easy-to-carry bags.

The spotlights fit into the tops of the support poles, so this configuration will support up to 5 spotlights.

8 Panel Display Kit, with spotlights; 3m wide x 2.2m high

Our most popular portable display panel kit.

It is supplied in 2 easy to manage carry boxes which will fit into any 4 door car or hatchback.

This kit can be built at 2 panels high x 4 wide (as illustrated), or 1 panel high by 8 wide.

The Cario spotlights fit into the top of the support poles, so this configuration will support up to 5 spotlights.


Branded Merchandise

As well as creating amazing display and exhibition solutions, did you know we can also source, print and deliver your branded promo merchandise solutions as part of your complete campaign? Everything you need under one roof. Now that's nice and simple, isn't it?

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Did you know?


We work with our sister company in Sydney to deliver truly Trans Tasman campaigns. The combined team will take care of all the production,  project management and logistics in both New Zealand and Australia, ensuring your budget is optimised and your stress levels are reduced!